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My name is Beth. A Thursday’s Child is what I am, and what I have been from the start, from that very first snowy Thursday in late January, 1974 when I was born. I’ve always had far to go in more ways than one.

I’m something of a nomad. We moved away from Newton, MA just six weeks after I arrived in the world and I haven’t really stopped moving since. The longest I’ve lived at the same address was from 1985 until 1992, the years spanning junior high and high school. I’ve lived all over the Eastern seaboard of the United States, in three different parts of the Bay Area and three foreign countries. I’ve also traveled throughout Western Europe, road-tripped across half the United States once and the whole country twice . I still have a strong desire to see more of the world, though it’s a toss up between Asia and South America for the number one spot I’d like to visit next.

There’s more personal journeys, inward ones too, that I’m still on. One of those is spiritual. I was raised Episcopalian, a goody-two shoes little WASP girl but my beliefs have ranged far afield since I was about 12. I’ve read about and tried many aspects of faith and spirituality, from Chinese philosophy to New Age crystal chants. So far, I’ve found myself most comfortable with a moral guideline that is largely derived from my Christian background, but combines with elements of Wicca and Zen Buddhism. I like to meditate and I really dig being good to our planet and working with our environment rather than dominating it.

One of these days, I’ll actually figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but for now, I’ve contented myself with working in Information Technology, first as a web designer and developer, now a project manager. I’ve got so many interests and hobbies though, that I’ve had to let rest for a while, that I’m sure I’ll wind up picking one of those back up at some point in the future, dusting it off and turning it into a new means of supporting myself and my family. The short list: Francophone literature and culture, East Asian language and culture, libraries, medieval history, turn-of-the-20th-century history, cooking and baking, sewing and costuming, knitting and crocheting, science fiction and fantasy books/movies/graphic novels with a special fondness for Tolkien, almost anything produced by the fertile mind of Joss Whedon including the much-missed Firefly, dance, playing the oboe and recorder and genealogy. There’s more, but I could keep you here all day with it.

Speaking of family, that’s the path I’m on right now, because in addition to what I do for a living, my current and perpetual job title, is Mom. Victor (Vic) and Julien (Jules, J-Bean) are my boys, born in May 2002 and August 2005. Vic is charming, endlessly energetic, creative, imaginative and full of the dickens. We’ve had some mountains to climb with Vic, due to the fact that he is mildly autistic, but this child’s capacity for love never ceases to amaze me and he is doing better now that the condition has been diagnosed and he’s in an appropriate support program through school. Julien is sweet, cheerful, smiley and full of charming mischief that lights up his blue eyes and sends him off on some crazy adventures. He and Vic love each other very much and watching them grow up together is a joy, in spite of the occasional hair-tearing moments.

In February 2001, the boys’ father and I headed down to the courthouse to legalize a connection that’s been in place since late 1992. It began online on PernMush, for those familiar with text-based online games. First it was just a friendship, but in 1995 it became much more and Sabs proposed the following year. Though we’ve only been legally married since 2001, when our anniversaries swing around, we celebrate from the day he proposed. Sabs is the person I want to wake up next to when my hair’s gone gray, my body’s gone saggy, and I can’t find my teeth in the glass on the nightstand next to me. He’s a cook and a gamer and though he pretends like he’s forgotten it all, he’s still a computer geek and can troubleshoot most of the hardware and networking messes I get myself into.

As of summer 2007, we live on the Main Line in the Philadelphia suburbs after a seven-year stint in the Bay Area. It’s not a bad place to live, but it doesn’t really fit us either, even with kids. We miss Berkeley a lot, but chances are good we’re not heading back to the West Coast for a long time, if ever. I work for a small woman-owned web design and development consultancy and Sabs is a sous chef at a local fine dining restaurant. Our family also includes a number of cats, one who crept in off the street and into our hearts, while the rest arrived as kittens, one from a litter by our dear Shara (R.I.P September 21, 2002) and the rest adopted from a friend.

I’ve had a personal web page since the fall of 1995 and I’ve been keeping an online journal since May 8, 1997 – each of the previous incarnations of the journal is linked to over there on the right, a hodge podge of manually updated templates, Greymatter and now WordPress. A lot has changed in the journal over time, but I think the voice has stayed consistent – it’s all still me, just tracing the minutiae of my life and trying to turn it into good writing.

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