It’s s busy time of year. Focus has been hard to come by of late, between heavy work responsibilities, preparing for the arrival of my fourth child, and trying to make sure we’re partly holiday-ready a little head of time, because my older boys are heading off to visit their father for Christmas this year.

Today was especially challenging, since one of the kids brought a cold virus home and after clearing my plate at work of one of the (high stress, high demand) responsibilities at work, my body finally threw in the towel and said “That’s it, you’re getting sick!”

I’m very grateful that I have the flexibility to work from home on days like that when I’m sick enough that driving in is not a good idea, but not sick enough that I can’t get work done. I may be unfocused and a little all over the place when having to blow my nose every five minutes, and managing a sore throat with tea and honey and mild painkillers as needed, but it’s nice to be able to get something done and not lose too much traction on things that have been started but aren’t yet finished.

My dad, bless him, picked up the older kids at 4:30pm for weekends at grandparents’ houses, so I can take a little nap before I pick up M and get ready for our planned outing up to the Kempton railroad tomorrow with M’s Pop Pop.