All down the turnpike on both sides, running lights and headlights trace ribbons through the darkness: traffic volume is heavy these days in the evening as the holidays draw nearer and people try to get everything done be it work or seasonal shopping. Even when things slow down on the road, the ribbons of light look pretty, winding up over the hills and down again, stretching out for miles, unintentionally festive.

There aren’t many homes visible from the turnpike, but once I hop off at the Morgantown exit and make my way northward up route 10, more ribbons twinkle brightly between the trees. Right now, Joanna Furnace is getting ready for their Christmas at Joanna weekend and the site is decked out with streamers of light, circling the back field and tracing along some of the buildings. They often have a light maze as a feature of the event, something the kids enjoyed when they were a little younger.

Christmas lights around a maze in the dark

We may or may not get there this year as we have other plans this weekend, but seeing those ribbons of light in the dark is a highlight for me at the end of a long commute.

Today, they were especially welcome, a little celebration at the end of a day that held a very welcome work victory, after a lot of angst and stress.