Bit by Bit

Chaos always threatens our little house. Every day, it’s a struggle to keep things at least tidy enough to function and every little unanticipated thing that happens, like a cold or the flu can quickly leave us scrambling to catch up. Today was a recovery day, both for me as I try to beat this cold back, and for all of us as we try to put things back into order after the triple-whammy of holidays, illness and the end of my vacation.

I got a good start on digging us out of the mess right before I had to go back to work, but there was still a lot left to do. Today we made more progress, driving back entropy, bit by bit. Vic helped me with the laundry, he particularly likes to put the detergent powder into the space for it on top of the machine and the quarters into the slot, counting with me as all five get swallowed up and disappear. He claps happily when they’ve all been put in and then runs all the way back to the house, at a full tilt, head down, bare feet slapping on the pavement. He also helps to move things from the washers into the dryer, this can be funny sometimes, if he decides that he absolutely has to get everything into the top dryer. He jumps up and down trying to lob items in there, since it’s above his head. He looks like he’s playing some strange game of basketball with my underwear and Sabs’ cooking pants for a ball.

I’m hiding out from the kitchen right now, after putting together a new shoe rack to keep in the entryway to organize our shoes. We all have a bad habit of kicking them off when we come in and letting them land wherever they want and then just leaving them there. Hopefully if we have a real place for them, they’ll tend to gravitate there, instead of becoming tripping hazards in the dark of an early morning.

If I’m going to make dinner though, I’m going to have to buckle down and tackle the piles of dishes just to clear myself some space to prepare food. It’s not a fun prospect though and I sincerely wish we’d gotten to it before Sebastien had to leave for work. I may yet decide to just hide my eyes and toss some leftovers into the microwave instead, because this cold is making me awfully sleepy and lethargic.