Lazy Day

I opted to stay home from work today, suffering under the effects of a cold that is just bad enough to make me very uncomfortable and sleepy, but not so bad that I’m completely non-functional. We went out to breakfast at a place we haven’t gone before and discovered that yes, there is in fact somewhere to get decent pancakes, eggs and bacon in Walnut Creek, so I’m sure we’ll be back. The only downside to my meal was that my hot chocolate, while nice and warm and the steam feeling lovely on my stuffed sinuses, was definitely a mix, probably Swiss Miss. I do like me some real, potent hot cocoa and this just didn’t fit the bill.

After we ate, we made a brief stop for Sabs to pick up some new blue jeans and then hit the movie theater to take in The Family Stone. Seeing a movie was just about the right level of entertainment I was prepared to deal with today and the movie was both funny and touchingly sweet, with a surprisingly good performance from Sarah Jessica Parker in it. I guess I’ve gotten so used to her being Carrie Bradshaw, that I’ve been thinking of her as a one-note actress, and that’s not really the case.

The movie is short, not quite two hours long, which left me plenty of time to come home and nap before Sebastien had to leave. It felt so nice to creep back in under the covers and enter a heavy doze, though I never quite got to REM sleep. I feel a lot better for the rest and far more able to handle an evening of Victor bouncing off the walls and Julien demanding constant feeding.

The sun’s nearly gone down, just the remnants of the sunset left on the horizon and the window pane feels cold. I’m of a mind to hibernate tonight: curl up on the couch with my boys, make some warm drinks and a little bit of supper and just be, recuperate after what turned out to be a rather long and tiring week at work, for all that it was actually short.