Return of the Sun

The clouds finally rolled back and let the sun come out today, a huge relief after all the gray weather we’ve been having. It was actually warm enough that I didn’t need my jacket when I went out for lunch. It was still warm and relatively bright when I picked up Julien, so I didn’t need to bundle him up in extra layers, which was really nice. When I have to bundle him up, it gets bulky carrying him around in the baby carrier.

The best part of the return of the sun, is that the sky is so clear and blue. It’s just pretty, hanging overhead and feels wide open instead of closed off and too close to the ground. It’s far less claustrophobia-inducing basically, so that I feel free to breathe. I also hate feeling damp and the departure of that constant clammy feeling of water clinging just along the surface of my skin is more than welcome.

Tonight as we pulled up in the stroller, the new apartment manager and her son were coming down from tacking up notices about trash management on all the doors and Vic and her little guy got to ‘talking’ in that toddler/pre-schooler way. I let Vic out of the stroller and the two of them proceeded to run around shrieking at the top of their lungs and having a grand old time. They had so much fun for about ten minutes, that I told her that we’d be around on the weekend if the boys would like to play.

If it all works out I’ll be so happy because it’d be nice for Vic to have a pal nearby that he can play with. Maybe we can take them up to the park and let them run around together, or ride bikes out front here in the parking lot. The manager lady seemed pretty keen on the idea too because her son loves to play with other kids and never gets the chance to. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will pan out.

One other small bit for today: Julien turned 5 months old. Last night he was pushing up onto all fours and he keeps practicing the maneuver and trying to push himself forward at the same time. He doesn’t quite have it all together, but I’m guessing he’ll be crawling sooner rather than later.