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Friday, 4th August, 2006

Happy Birthday, Julien

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Dear Julien,

Today you are a whole year old.

In one year you’ve come so far from the tiny bundle I brought home from the hospital. I remember our first night together like it was yesterday, curling up under the blankets with you tucked into my nightgown to keep warm and burying my nose in your hair while we both drifted off to sleep.

It’s like this the first year, fast and slow all at once, so many moments that seem like they stretch on forever and then before you know it, it’s all gone by and you’ve gone from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye.

Some things remain constant: your easygoing temperament, the sweetness of your smiles, the smell of your hair and the way you put your head down on my chest and rest a hand there as if to say “This is good, everything is all right.”

Other things change: you are no longer my roly-poly little one, you slimmed out a bunch when you started crawling and that’s continued as you’ve started cruising the furniture and taking those first hesitant steps between things. You speak now, single words, mostly names, but it’s the beginning of sharing your thoughts. You point along with your words to make your meaning more clear and to “ask” about things. Not an evening goes by now that you don’t point at something and say “Dis?” while looking up at me expectantly for the name of the object and the opportunity to touch and explore.

You’ve grown six teeth in the last 5 months with more on the way and you chew up food pretty well with them. You have four up top and two on the bottom, though one of the front two hasn’t fully come down yet to close in your little jack-o-lantern smile.

You aren’t quite walking yet, but you’re nearly there and I know that in no time at all you’ll be running to me and away from me and chasing your big brother in ways he couldn’t possibly imagine. You’re going to keep him on his toes I’m pretty sure, the two of you are quite the pair.

Sleeping through the night is still something we can look forward to, though you’re only waking once a night now to have some milk unless you’re teething. Some of those teething nights can be pretty brutal for me, but otherwise you sleep very well in the crib next to the bed.

You are a snuggy, affectionate, sweet little guy, with bright-eyed curiosity and a laugh that lights up the room.

Happy first birthday sweetheart, here’s to many more.


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