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Wednesday, 23rd November, 2005

Not Quite 4 Months Well Baby Visit

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That’s what Dr. Oken called it when we went to visit him on Tuesday morning. Your “Not Quite 4 Months” checkup. Because you’ve been so sick, you couldn’t get your shots, so those will have to be scheduled after Thanksgiving. However, Doc looked you over and pronounced you otherwise fit as a fiddle and growing well indeed. We didn’t get the percentile that you’re in, but that’s okay, because basically, you just keep trying to give Vic a run for his money both in weight and height.

Stats at 3 months 18 days

Weight: 15lbs 2oz
Height: 25in
Head circ: 41cm

You’re 2 inches shorter and 6 ounces lighter than Vic was at 4 months 3 days, but still well within that ballpark.

I’ve got another big tall boy on my hands!

Thursday, 3rd November, 2005

3 months

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Dear Julien,

Tomorrow you will be three months old. You have come so far in just 90 days. It’s such an amazing transformation watching a newborn become an infant. You really are a proper infant now, not a newborn and you’re beginning to show more and more interest in the world around you and exploring the things that you see. You’re getting bigger and stronger too, which makes that exploration possible.

At three months, you hold your head up very well with a minimum of bobbling. You can look around deliberately, though your neck still gets tired sometimes when you’ve been holding yourself up and looking about for a while. You can push up a little on your arms, which makes tummy time more fun for you. Your daycare provider does lots of exercises with you, letting you experience tummy time and lying on your side to practice for rolling. You’re starting to get interested in trying that particular trick, especially if it means you get to look at something interesting that’s over there instead of right where you’re looking. When we hold you up, you also plant your feet very firmly into the ground and take steps. This is a reflex, but it’s nice to see how strongly and definitely you can place your feet. You definitely seem to think it’s fun too and can’t wait to get going.

My favorite development of yours is the blossoming of your smile. They started out small and fleeting and have become full-on toothless grins often accompanied by gurgles of laughter. Every morning you smile at me when we both wake up and flail an arm at my face or chest to pat me ‘hello’. It just melts my heart every time I see that smile and it makes me smile back and kiss your cute, chubby, little cheeks.

You’ve been wearing 3-6 month sizes for almost a month already, and are comfortably in that range now. Overall you’re outgrowing things at about the same rate, or slightly more quickly than your big brother did, because not only are you tall, but you are broad as well. So where Vic could get away with wearing certain things for longer, you can’t because you well and truly fill your clothes out in both directions.

Your personality continues to unfold, your likes and dislikes are developing, though generally you are still a very laid-back, easy-tempered little guy. Not much makes you cry, the main causes are hunger, an over-wet diaper, pain (teething, stuffy nose, etc.) and the ‘big voice’ I use to get your brother to mind me. Your sensitivity to the ‘big voice’ is helping me to be more creative about dealing with Vic’s spiritedness. The other day we discovered that a pair of too-tight socks made you cry for most of the day, so binding clothing is definitely something we’ll be keeping an eye out for!

You like it when people make faces at you and talk to you. You love to babble and ‘talk back’. You still like being swaddled, though not as tightly as before. You like to lie in bed and watch the shadows play on the wall. You like gentle hugs and kisses on your cheeks. You love it when I beep you lightly on the nose and laugh and laugh and laugh. You’ve started to reach for toys a little bit, but right now your favorite ‘toys’ are your own two hands. You spend a lot of time running your fingers through each other and feeling your hands to see what they can do. It’s so cute to watch you with your hands folded together, concentrating on making them move.

You nurse well and have adjusted to taking the bottle despite some minor hiccups early on and you eat a goodly amount every day. You’re taking between 12 and 14 ounces of milk in a bottle daily and nursing on demand when I’m home. You still nurse quite a bit at night, and you’re in a growth spurt right now which is translating to constant feedings between 2am and 5am, but you’re getting a good solid block of sleeping time in, between 7:30pm and 1 or 2am, which is nice for me, especially if I can get your big brother into bed on time!

You are thriving, my little guy, and it’s wonderful to watch you grow up slowly, but surely. I relish every little baby moment of yours, because before I know it, it will be summer again and you’ll be turning a year old!

Love, Mommy

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