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Thursday, 27th January, 2005

Wish List

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We don’t need much in the way of stuff this time around – we’ve got toys and clothes a-plenty leftover from Vic. Might need some more itty bitty socks and maybe some extra onesies, but since Pip is also due in the summer, we should be able to re-use most of Vic’s stuff unless Pip is a whole lot bigger.

There a few big ticket things though that I’d like to put out there as food for thought – this is also to help me be able to remember everything and be prepared.

Stroller – I’d really like something like this, used or new:

Peg Perego Venezia

The reason I like this so much is because it has the reversible handle. This was something I found myself wanting to be able to do a lot when Vic was younger.

On the other hand, a stroller with a ride-along stand for an older kid would be cool too. I’ve been looking at full on double strollers and they’re just too big to be useful I think. Not to mention that Victor will be 3 by the time Pip arrives and may have outgrown most strollers, heightwise.

Peg Perego’s stuff is extremely expensive so I’m not married to the brand so to speak. I’ll be looking for cheaper alternatives with similar features too.

Car Seat or Booster – We could either get Victor a full-sized booster that goes up to 100lbs and a much greater height than his car seat and use his forPip, or we could get Pip a new car seat. If we do, I’m tempted by the new Britax models for both seat and booster.

Diapers – we could use some more cloth diapers, covers & Snappis and some Fuzzibunz.

Otherwise, we’re pretty much set – just need to amble around collecting some things we lent to friends closer to Pip’s arrival.

1 Week, Barf Free & Braxton-Hicks

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Well I haven’t puked for a week so I’m going to take that as a sign of morning sickness slinking off into the night. I still have periodic queasiness throughout the day and need to have something carbonated to drink before meals to get my tummy to hush up enough to take food, but the consistent pukiness seems to have taken a hike.

It’s really not been as bad this time around. I’ll chalk it up to a combination of better knowledge of nutritional requirements during pregnancy and forgoing of the narsty horsepill prenatals.

On the theme of everything starting sooner this time, I had my first Braxton-Hicks this week. Off and on all day yesterday, primarily kicked off by walking briskly. First instance was when I walked up the street for lunch and lingered into the afternoon. Then had lots on the walk home from Vic’s school and well into the evening. Whole top of the uterus just going rock hard and staying that way. No pain of course, just difficulty breathing due to the pressure on my diaphragm. If anything it tells me that things will go much as they did last time though: my body likes to get ready for labor -well- in advance. Bearing in mind of course that every labor is unique.

Tuesday, 18th January, 2005

More Barfing

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That’s right, it’s still going on, though it’s much further and farther between. This morning was spent dry-heaving over the sink. There wasn’t even any liquid in there to come up. Oh it was gross what did and I was shaking and so weak afterward. *sigh* Serves me right for not eating protein snack before bed.

I’m starting to firm up a little in the abdomen and I’ve got two bumps going on: the jelly roll and the beginnings of baby bump up top. It’s way, way subtle though.

All clothes still fit and in fact, fit better than before due to continuing weight loss.

Last home weigh-in: 225lbs.
That’s a total of 15 lost since I conceived.

Why oh why can’t my metabolism pick up like this when I’m NOT pregnant?

Feeling what seem similar to baby flutters from last time, but my brain is saying No WAY. Much too early.

Friday, 7th January, 2005

First Prenatal

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First prenatal exam today went pretty well. Dr. Foley confirmed the pregnancy from the state of my cervix and giving ye olde uterus a feel. I also had a very belated annual exam. I -hate- pap smears. Especially when expecting. Tons of spotting. Blech.

I gave her the ovulation date to calculate the due date instead of LMP and she estimated it at the 9th of August, which sounds about right to me, give or take a week given my own count and Fertility Friend’s due date estimate based on my chart.

Looks like an anniversary grandchild for my parents 😉

Wednesday, 5th January, 2005


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More puking this morning. It’s just so much fun to be standing there getting dressed, cough and then suddenly feel your stomach turn into a storm-stricken sea.

I lay down really quickly in an attempt to head this one off at the pass and it -almost- worked, but I guess the nausea had already progressed too far.

People are starting to notice the weight loss.

I really hate this part of the whole process.

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