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Wednesday, 13th April, 2005

Tummy Tango

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Just as I was getting used to Pip being a lot quieter than Vic, Pip decided to prove me wrong on that point by kicking me quite a lot yesterday.

I’d only been feeling things down low up until then – down very low. I’m guessing there was a growth spurt involved and those little feet can now reach some of the upper reaches of my innards.

Thud, pow, was pretty much a theme off and on all day yesterday. Not so much today though.

I am also extremely amused that more than one person at work has -still- not figured out I’m pregnant. I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy at this point and it’s still not noticeable to some people. I was looking at my reflection in the elevator doors earlier and realized that from the front, this is true – I don’t look much different from how I usually look. I have to turn to the side, and even then, it’s sort of debatable about whether or not it’s more of a pregnant look or a ‘gained a few pounds’ look.

Just like with Vic, I have a baby belly that is firm and round and high up and the jelly roll is still hanging out below. It makes it look like I’m carrying really low. But I can fold all that up and then my belly just looks like a pretty normally centered basket-ball shape.

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