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Friday, 29th July, 2005

38 Week Prenatal

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Not much progress since last week – not quite another cm of dilation despite all of the false labor. The CNM could also ‘bounce’ the baby’s head up and down (ow), but she’s durn sure that’s a head there, not a butt, so that’s cool. Just means … no ultrasound. Heh. She was encouraging though, reminding me that second labors are a very different animal from first ones. In a first delivery, being able to bounce the head means the baby isn’t fully engaged and hence labor isn’t imminent. In a second, it doesn’t mean much of anything because babies can float around more the second time around.

This pretty much jives with what I’ve been observing – Pip will engage and drop way down low, ride my spine/bottom/cervix for a while, then bounce up a little. The baby’s feet will pummel me at my mid-section while he/she is engaged, then later on I’ll feel butt and feet under my ribs again.

Anyway, she still thinks that when I do go, I’ll go fast, based on the effacement and prior history. I just sincerely hope that Pip arrives slightly before or by due date, because if I go over, my parents will be leaving on the 13th and we won’t have any extra help. It was hard to schedule their trip because Mom really wanted to be here for the birth and I went a little early last time so I had to make a best guess about the window of opportunity. We’ll see how it plays out. Right now I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sunday. Lughnasadh. Wouldn’t that be a fun birthday? 🙂

This week’s stats:

BP: Forgot to ask the nurse for the numbers but it was good.

Fundal Height: Forgot about the numbers again, but normal/on track.

Urine: Good.

Weight: 257 (down 3lbs from last week, this is often a sign of labor around the corner though it could also reflect fluid loss and the different office scales since our appt. was in Orinda this week, not Berkeley.)

Baby’s Heartbeat: 120s until the CNM poked Pip awake and it bounced up into the 130s. That was kind of funny to hear. Ba-dum, ba-dum, real relaxed and then she goes poke, poke in my side and there was a slight skip and then a pickup before slacking off again. This reminds me of when we had the ultrasound at 20 weeks and Pip didn’t want to be bothered to roll over for the tech. The whole ‘whatever, I’m sleeping, attitude.’

Next two appts scheduled for 39 and 40 weeks – the 5th and 12th of August. If I am still babyless on the 12th I will NOT be a happy camper.

I’m walking around with yet more low-level contractions and nagging back pain. It will be very, very good to be at home from here on out so I can rest. All this false labor is just taking too much out of me and I have a lot to do to get our house ship-shape for the little one.

Friday, 22nd July, 2005

Prenatal – 37 Weeks 3 days

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Well, I’ve hit the same weight that I hit right before I had Vic.
I’ve effaced ‘a bit’ more and started to dilate. Dr. F. said just about 1cm dilated.
Given my history and progress, she thinks that I will either go a little early or hit my due date right on the smacker, but she doesn’t think I’ll go over due.

Stats for this week:

BP: 122/70
Fundal Height: 38.5cm
Weight: 260.5
Urine: Normal
Baby’s Heartbeat: 130s

S’all good and the stars are lining up basically 🙂

Wednesday, 13th July, 2005

36 Week Prenatal

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Well, turns out I was wrong about the dilation. No dilation. But I am 50% effaced and very soft. This is good, very good and explains all the various twinges and cramps and backaches. Seems like I might efface to 90 or 100% first with Pip before starting to dilate, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Forgot to ask for my BP numbers, but they were normal.
Fundal height: 37cm
Weight: 256.5
Urine: Good
Heartbeat: 130s

Slight swelling in my ankles that was noticeable to the doctor, but nothing to worry about.

Basically everything is good and fine and right on track and they’ll do a quick u/s next week to make double sure Pip has turned head down.

We spent some time actually talking to Dr. S. this time and it turns out she’s really cool. Very laid-back/non-interventionist and believes in trusting a woman’s body to do the work, but also responsive to a patient’s preferences if they want help. It’s a good practice, it really is and I’m so blessed to be able to work with them and the delivery center at Alta Bates. For some reason I’d thought internals started at 36 weeks, but actually they don’t start them until 38 weeks, so I had to ask for this check. I’ll probably skip it next week, especially if they do that ultrasound.

So basically … we’re on baby watch from here on out. Things are moving, but not so quickly that we need to worry. I highly doubt that I’ll be going past my due date and Pip may decide to arrive before it, so sometime in the next 4 weeks seems pretty definite!

Wednesday, 6th July, 2005

35 Weeks

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I was officially at 35 weeks yesterday, but I had my prenatal visit today. We saw Dr. G. today, who delivered Vic 3 years ago and boy was he ever flustered. I think he was fresh off of a delivery or something and had a huge backup of patients. At any rate, he nearly forgot to do my Group B test. I had to remind him. It was kinda funny, except that Vic freaked about having to be taken out while I got the swab taken.

Thankfully, this time around for whatever reasons – better hydration, no falling down the stairs at 32 weeks, it didn’t hurt at all. Didn’t even feel it. No spotting, no stinging, hurray.

Dr. G. was -very- definite about baby being head down and I was looking at myself sideways yesterday and this morning and realized that yes, indeed, the baby has dropped too.

It’s kinda freaky actually, to know where Dr. G was feeling the head, and realize how far up the butt is into my ribs. This kiddo is doing very well and should be ready, either a bit early or right on time I think. Heartbeat sounded good – down about 2 inches beneath my belly button on the left.

Everything else was right on track/normal. BP fine, ankles not too swollen, another 2lbs gained for 254lbs total.

Now we just wait for the GBS results and I plan to talk to the Dr. at my next visit about alternatives to IV treatment given how fast my first labor was.

Basically – the baby and I are healthy as horses and doing just fine. It’s probably going to be a slow, uncomfy 3-4 weeks for me until Baby Day, but otherwise, everything’s peachy keen and I’m very grateful for that.

Tuesday, 21st June, 2005

33 Weeks

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We had a very long wait for the appointment today. They must have gotten backed up with a lot of deliveries. It took nearly an hour for us to be seen, and since we had no burning questions, doc was understandably … swift.

At any rate, stats for this week:

Weight: 252.5
BP: 118/78
Fundal Height: 33.5 cm
Urine: Good
Baby’s Heartrate: 140s

Talked about the pelvic pain and pressure and the continuing, ferocious Braxton-Hicks. Doc suggested I get a maternity belt to help relieve the pressure some and to try to swim and stay off my feet as much as possible.

All eminently doable things.

Basically … everything is good 🙂 As I told the nurse, so far, so good, healthy uneventful pregnancy. Yay.

Oh yeah, and Doc is also pretty sure that Pip is head down, based on the position of the heartbeat.

I got a box from my online mom’s expecting group from my secret shower buddy and that was cool. And then the box of stuff I ordered arrived with a bunch of sleeveless onesies for Pip, given that the heat will probably be pretty bad this summer.

I set up the crib today – it still needs a new, higher mattress in order to be on level with ours, but there’s plenty of room for it next to my side of the bed, which is nice.

So basically, other than washing some clothes and picking up a dresser … we’re ready. Well okay, we still need to unpack a lot in the new place, but yeah, we’re in pretty good shape this time.

Now I’m going to go do some unpacking and then put my feet up and snooze until Vic gets home.

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