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Monday, 18th July, 2005

Revisiting the Past

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So I was re-reading my pregnancy journal with Vic and noticed a pattern between what I’m feeling now and what I felt two-three weeks before I had Vic.

Here’s May 2002 and April 2002

All of those symptoms I describe … well I’ve got ’em.

I had a little bit of plug loss last week, today I was spotting a bit more. I can feel Pip riding either my lower spine, or down in my pelvis giving me the basketball between the legs feeling.

I’ve been having increasing Braxton-Hicks – four of them on the walk to BART this morning and they were very strong. Another two going from the MUNI to work itself. This time around I also keep getting intermittent real contractions, which is normal given that this is a second pregnancy. They’re annoying and involve a mild level of pain, very different from B-H. Every time I have them though, I wait on tenterhooks to see if they pick up any steam. So far they always go away after an hour. I’ve never had more than 3 in an hour and they don’t come back. False labor. Gotta love it. Not.

It only means that things are going right on track I think. But it may point to me popping just a little bit early. What’s changed for this week is the fatigue level. It was getting bad before, it’s really bad now. I could barely wake up this morning and that’s what I remember the most about the week before I had Vic. I was just so dog-tired all the time and only wanted to sleep.

Well, I’m there again. Dog-tired and nesting like crazy. I was dragging furniture around yesterday and unpacking boxes, just like I did three years ago right before I had Vic. It’s an obsession. I want my space neat and clean and arranged. The disorder is making me twitch with frustration.

Friday, 15th July, 2005

Continued Pressure

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Pressure is the name of the game. It’s almost constant now, barely ever lets up. The walk home last night was just … brutal. I was a whimpering little wreck when I got home and just collapsed onto a chair and bent forward, to get the weight of the baby off my spine. There’s all sorts of fun interrelated pains that go along with that, minor cramping in the lower abdominal area and shooting twinges that start low and end high. There’s nerves being affected in my thighs and legs too, so I spent much of the night tossing and turning and readjusting pillows to keep my feet up to relieve the feeling of things being squished in my legs and re-establish proper blood flow.

Lower back still felt like there was an elephant sitting on it when I woke up and it was so very hard just to roll over and then roll up to sitting and finally waddle to the bathroom to relieve a screaming bladder.

I’m thinking of begging for rides or taking a taxi for the rest of my time at work. The walk in the heat we’re having is just too much. I was so tired when I got home, I basically didn’t move for 45 minutes and I didn’t manage to get a durned thing done except making Vic dinner before we both collapsed into bed between 9:30 and 10p. I fell asleep before he did I’m pretty sure. I just don’t know when and I have no idea when he conked out either. He was out solid when Sabs got home around 10:45p. I only vaguely woke up myself when Sabs came in – completely and totally out of it.

And from my Fertility Friend Summary for this week:
Your baby will probably “engage” in your pelvis this week, but this may happen slightly later, especially if this is your first pregnancy. This is when your baby’s head drops down into your pelvis.

Pressure on your ribs and internal organs will ease when your baby engages. This is known as “lightening” and breathing and eating usually becomes easier again once this happens.

Your uterus is putting increased pressure on your bladder, though, so you will probably have to go to the bathroom even more often!

Your baby is still growing, so even though he has dropped, you will probably feel his feet on your breastbone again before the end of your pregnancy.

You will probably not gain much more weight during your pregnancy, but you feel pretty uncomfortable by now.

You’re probably wishing this baby would be born already!

Um yeah 🙂 That’s about the sum of it. The site also claims that Pip is considered full term already at 36w3d. Huh. I thought we had to hit 37 weeks even. Not that I’m complaining – full term is good, good, good, because yo’ I HURT.

Thursday, 14th July, 2005

Pressure and GBS Test Results

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Today’s report – more pressure and lots of it, through my lower back and bottom. I feel like the baby’s head is right along my upper tailbone and it’s not the most pleasant feeling. I’ve been doing standing pelvic rocks to try to dislodge Pip and get him/her to swing forward just a little bit. It feels like my pelvis is being cranked open from behind by a tire jack. It’s not painful per se, just … very uncomfortable. My only consolation is knowing that this sort of pressure from inside helps prep everything ‘down there’ so it just has to be lived through and it should make for smoother sailing when Pip is ready to come out.

I forgot to write this in the last entry, but the GBS test came back negative. Yay! No IV antibiotics for me, I can be free to walk around IVless just like last time. Phew. Load off my mind. The very idea of having an IV makes my skin crawl. Needles and I just do not get along outside of emergency/very necessary situations. I still have to do relaxation breathing just to get shots and blood draws still make me dizzy, though I haven’t passed out in a while.

Wednesday, 13th July, 2005

36 Week Prenatal

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Well, turns out I was wrong about the dilation. No dilation. But I am 50% effaced and very soft. This is good, very good and explains all the various twinges and cramps and backaches. Seems like I might efface to 90 or 100% first with Pip before starting to dilate, which actually makes a lot of sense.

Forgot to ask for my BP numbers, but they were normal.
Fundal height: 37cm
Weight: 256.5
Urine: Good
Heartbeat: 130s

Slight swelling in my ankles that was noticeable to the doctor, but nothing to worry about.

Basically everything is good and fine and right on track and they’ll do a quick u/s next week to make double sure Pip has turned head down.

We spent some time actually talking to Dr. S. this time and it turns out she’s really cool. Very laid-back/non-interventionist and believes in trusting a woman’s body to do the work, but also responsive to a patient’s preferences if they want help. It’s a good practice, it really is and I’m so blessed to be able to work with them and the delivery center at Alta Bates. For some reason I’d thought internals started at 36 weeks, but actually they don’t start them until 38 weeks, so I had to ask for this check. I’ll probably skip it next week, especially if they do that ultrasound.

So basically … we’re on baby watch from here on out. Things are moving, but not so quickly that we need to worry. I highly doubt that I’ll be going past my due date and Pip may decide to arrive before it, so sometime in the next 4 weeks seems pretty definite!

Tuesday, 12th July, 2005

36 Weeks – Pressure

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Here we are, 36 weeks today, and I woke up this morning feeling twingey. On the walk to BART I felt a lot of pressure in my bottom and nagging back pain along with some pressure along my lower spine.

A few minutes later after I got on the train, I felt Pip sliding around, and feet up against the top of my uterus, though not as high as they have been, followed by a hand pushing against the uterine floor.

I haven’t felt any contractions, but there’s still some presssure, though lighter in the same areas, and there’s still some nagging pullling in my lower back. I’m feeling arms and hands sweeping around very low down and towards the front right now.

What it feels like, is that Pip just swam down and stuck his/her head into my pelvis and is checking out the new digs. Namely, the baby’s engaged.

We’ll see if I’m right, tomorrow, though of course the kiddo could still decide to move again before then.

I’m begging Sabs to go out and find us something to cool the bedroom with. I’m hot, hot, hot all the time and the weather out in the Diablo Valley is even hotter. It’s supposed to be up in the 90s all week and last night it was still in the 80s at nightfall, though it did drop into the upper 60s by the time I went to bed. The room was still stuffy and retaining heat though, despite the fans working overtime.

I just don’t want to have to be stuck in bed up there with a newborn, sweltering away.

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