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Wednesday, 15th June, 2005

32 Weeks

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Not much new for this week – the heartburn is starting to get worse, so I need to make sure to drink as much water as possible to dilute the acid. I also really really need to get me some Tums.

Alien movements are increasing. At intermittent intervals, watching my belly move is far more interesting than anything else going on at the moment.

My pelvis hurts. The bones are starting to spread majorly and everything “down there” aches in a “I’m stretching out, yo” kind of way.

We’re mostly moved, and I’m really liking the New Place. It’s clean and open and airy, unlike the cave-like atmosphere at Old Place. I want to keep it that way. It’s also very quiet, except for cars pulling in and out in front of the house. I can only hear the neighbors going up and down their stairs and I’m sure they can hear us too, because two of the steps have creaky, creaky boards in them. This bodes well for being able to rest and relax.

The Master Bedroom really -is- bigger and has more usable wall space than Old Place too. There’s room for the crib next to the bed. So I’m pulling the mini-cosleeper off of the registry. We won’t need it. We should be able to do just fine with the portacrib. Just need a board to slide over its platform and under our mattress, and some sturdy rope to tie it together with since we’ll be using it as a sidecar and a good mattress for it, maybe some extra foam to really lift the bed up tot he same height as our mattress for easy swapping back and forth between my space and Pip’s.

We’ve got two bookcases up in our room now too, and still have room for my sewing table and two dressers. We’ll be putting some of Vic’s bedtime favorites and our own on the small bookcase next to the bed, and most of our scifi/fantasy collection on the larger one and then also filling the bottom shelves of the bookcase in Vic’s room with the children’s books for Vic and Pip. The kids’ room is still a mess – we have to put the slide bed back together, but I’m eyeing the space and thinking it’ll make a good play room for the kids. I’m pondering a second futon, or some form of fold-out for guests too. The rocking chair fits in there along with the bookcase, Vic’s dresser and the bed, and there’s room for a second dresser still, so there’s ample room for both his and Pip’s stuff.

The closet in there is bigger than ours, so it’s likely that will wind up being the ‘storage’ closet and ours will only be used for clothing.

Suffice to say, it’s a better layout for dealing with two children and we should be very comfortable here with Vic and Pip.

The only down side is that the steps are a little narrow and I really need to take my shoes off before going up and down, because otherwise, my feet don’t fit properly and I risk falling in my current ungainly state, though I did manage to get Vic up the stairs, half-asleep and into bed last night. That’s thanks to the nice sturdy railing. And yes, I know. I’m not supposed to do that.

Once we get the crib set up, and a new dresser for Pip’s things … we’re basically ready for baby.

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