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Wednesday, 18th May, 2005

28 Weeks

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Well here we are, third trimester officially started yesterday. Another 11 weeks to cruise through and then we’re there.

Pip has obliged with stronger kicks over the past few days – still on a schedule of sorts, regular intervals. Last night my abdomen shifted over to the right for the first time, very noticeable to me, though probably not so much from the outside.

Pip’s activity is starting to be intense enough that it takes my breath away if a well-placed foot gets me in the gut, or the baby rolls over and shifts everything around. This sort of movement is incredibly reassuring to me, evidence of a healthy, evolving little being in there. Since this baby has been so much quieter than his/her older sibling, the marked increase in the strength of the activity is a wonderful indicator to me.

From here on out I expect to suddenly start packing on pounds over the course of the next few weeks and am trying to pay very close attention to my caloric intake to keep up with Pip’s growing needs as well as supporting my own metabolic function.

Our next office visit isn’t until next week, at 29 weeks on the button. That will probably be a fairly standard visit and I should get the results of the GTT and thyroid level tests I took yesterday. I’ll be seeing my primary OB on that visit for the first time in months – it’ll be good to catch up with her. I think I’ll bring our birth preferences to that office visit as a matter of fact, get that on file ASAP so that they’re all aware of my prior history and potential needs for a second, rapid labor.

After this visit, we go every two weeks through the month of June, I think, and then starting in early July, every week until Pip’s Birth Day!

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