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Tuesday, 10th May, 2005

27 Weeks

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Here we go, this time next week, I’ll be fully into the third trimester. It’s kind of unreal. I look down and I feel so small. I’ve only gained a few pounds, am still in the same weight range as when this pregnancy began and just … not showing that much, comparatively speaking. I show enough that most clueful people know I’m pregnant, but a lot of people can probably still write off my baby bump as “fat”.

I know Pip is fine and healthy because I can feel him/her rolling over, hiccuping and kicking regularly, but it’s still kind of disconcerting to be this small, to be wearing my normal clothes and in no danger of growing out of them.

Of course, this week also starts the push for fat from the baby – I started to feel the real hunger last week and that’s continuing, Pip wants food, because Pip is starting the series of spurts that will get him/her ready for birth.

All in all, I’m just grateful that I do seem to have a tendency to have healthy pregnancies once the damn morning sickness calls it quits. Despite fatigue, which is related to Vic-care and lack of Vic-sleep, I feel pretty darn good actually. I upped my water intake and the B-H have dialed it down a level, though I still have them, they’re just not quite as ferociously intense. I’m having intermittent round ligament pain and need to be careful when rolling over in bed. But otherwise, I feel fine and have no swelling/water retention, or chronic aches and pains.

In fact, my only complaints are continued booby-soreness and itchy/super-sensitive skin. Things could be so very much worse, that I should just stop worrying, keep taking care of myself and just enjoy this, because it’s almost 95% certain that this is the last time I will go through pregnancy.

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