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Friday, 7th January, 2005

First Prenatal

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First prenatal exam today went pretty well. Dr. Foley confirmed the pregnancy from the state of my cervix and giving ye olde uterus a feel. I also had a very belated annual exam. I -hate- pap smears. Especially when expecting. Tons of spotting. Blech.

I gave her the ovulation date to calculate the due date instead of LMP and she estimated it at the 9th of August, which sounds about right to me, give or take a week given my own count and Fertility Friend’s due date estimate based on my chart.

Looks like an anniversary grandchild for my parents 😉

Wednesday, 5th January, 2005


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More puking this morning. It’s just so much fun to be standing there getting dressed, cough and then suddenly feel your stomach turn into a storm-stricken sea.

I lay down really quickly in an attempt to head this one off at the pass and it -almost- worked, but I guess the nausea had already progressed too far.

People are starting to notice the weight loss.

I really hate this part of the whole process.

Tuesday, 4th January, 2005

Nausea and Vomiting

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The nausea’s really picking up steam now, though for the moment it’s nowhere near as bad as it was with Victor. This is probably due to the fact that I opted not to take pre-natal vitamins. I’m taking my usual Women’s Formula One-a-day instead. It’s got 100% Folic Acid, plenty of iron and other good things, so I’m not worried.

I also eat pretty well when I can choke food down, so again, not worried.

Still, I’ve had several puking episodes that weren’t all related to the flu I had last week, so I’m guessing the nausea is here to stay for another month or so. I have to take it slow in the morning, drink plenty of water before becoming upright and nibble on something or I won’t make it to work without my stomach turning into a see saw.

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