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The Alphabet Julen
Julia is a long-time friend and fellow Smithie. She has a kick-ass webpage and when she gets around to it, her On My Mind segment is always great fun to read. Julia is a master of acerbic wit.

Atropine|Saper Vedere
Another Elizabeth/Beth, so of course I HAD to read her stuff. Then I got sucked in. Beth's stories, even the most mundane, are almost always amazing to read. She creates a sense of time and place that lets you slip into her world as if you were standing next to her.

Bad Hair Days
Beth/Xeney makes me laugh. She often makes me stop and think too, but mostly, she makes me laugh. She also posts some of the best forum questions around.

Steve's journal is a relatively new read for me. I was looking around for new journals to read, to replace some of my old favorites that were no longer in existence. Mr. Amaya writes very well. Very well indeed. His entries feel more like narratives than diary entries. Chalk one more up in the "story-weavers" category.

Gabby Hon has the gift of sarcastic wit and being able to tell it just like it is. For some of the most brutally honest writing on the web, try her on for size.

First Person Particular
My new first stop of the day. Viv's journal sort of epitomizes the online journal to me. No she hasn't been out there as long as some, no her site isn't "artsy." But she writes her life with such sincerity, verve and gusto that I just can't keep away. Her journal has it all -- great writing, nifty pictures, solid design and a personality all its own.

Jennifer Dodd has one of the cleanest, most beautiful designs I've seen in a while and a writing style that is at turns lyrical, at others chatty, and often feels like a favorite book that I come back to over and over again.

Shelly Houghton's journal feels like a conversation with a good friend. She shares the ups and downs of her life with humor and perspective.

Living This Life
I've been reading Renee's journal for a very long time. She writes in a direct, straight-up manner about her life in North Carolina with a gaggle of kids and her husband. She's also something of a doyenne in the "OLJ community." She keeps tabs on everybody.

Come on Neil -- give us an update buddy:) Neil is also one of the folks that I've been reading for a long time. He's been on hiatus for a while, but his archives are like an afternoon stroll taken with a good friend.

Mind's I
Iko has one of the most visually stunning design-styles that I've seen in a while. She's also what I call a "story-weaver." Go read -- you'll see what I mean.

The Midnight Pages
Noah's pages feel like getting lost in a dream. Unfortunately, his journal "The Dark Backward" is no more, but the other writing and artwork on his site are still well worth the visit. A surreal experience of walking into a corner of one person's mind.

The inimitable Maggy. One of the very first online journal keepers and story-teller par excellence. If you haven't seen Moments or Water yet, um ... GO. This lady turns even the smallest moments into gems of story.

Susan is another lyrical writer who turns words into images in my head. Also on my bookmarks for a very long time, her site has gone through many many changes over time, but the quality of her writing has persisted throughout.

Nine Lives
Karawynn's words may be archived on-line, but you'll need the magic key to read them on the web. The journal arrives via e-mail, sometimes an over-arching narrative, sometimes a recounting of a specific incident, often heart-wrenching, never ever boring. Karawynn is a both a writer and a web designer by trade and this comes through loud and clear in every missive and in the lovely, clean, clear design of her site.

Semantic Structures
Ah ha! I have you now! I can't believe it, but Lance has started an online journal. Welcome to the fold Lance:) Once upon a time, at a summer camp far, far away, I met Lance and well, the earth moved! the heavens roared! He's a very funny, thoughtful, introspective, intelligent guy. I'm pleased as punch to be able to keep up with him better through this little piece of webness.

Deb is another sincere writer, who doesn't seem to hold back much. Recently she became a Mom, and reading about the trials, tribulations and joys that this entails has, if anything, made her journal even more fascinating.

Up From Sloth
Bad me -- I keep forgetting to add Helen here. I first drawn to her journal because she was writing about the experience of living in a new culture, a culture that was completely foreign to her. Since this is a subject that fascinates me for many reasons and she writes extremely well, I quickly became hooked. Helen has a poetic way of putting words together that makes me feel like I'm walking in a dream instead of reading a journal. Sometimes, I have no idea what she's talking about, but her words create such vivid pictures and haunting images.