We are owned by four adorable little monsters. Shara, the mom-cat whom we adopted in May of 1998 and three of her kittens, who arrived quite by surprise about two months later.
Needless to say, life has never been the same since:)

{Shara amidst table legs}

Shara, hiding out in the upturned legs of the coffee table

{Sasha and Mephisto on top of the tv}

Sasha and Mephisto stylin' on top of the tv set like the two little sphinxes that they are.

{Tiger Toebiter on top of the bookcase}

Mr. Tiger Toebiter firmly ensconced in his favorite spot.

Sabs with Big Daddy, Morgan and Tiger

Sabs surrounded by Big Daddy (now Auberon), Tiger and Morgan (now Dugal) in the days when there were seven little kittyfurs running around our apartment ...