Millennium Memoir
Moon and Stars . .



Tom and Beth at the airport

My mother took this picture of Tom and I at Zaventem, the international airport in Brussels on the day we left for America.

She got us all dressed up in our best in an effort to help us keep our chins up. We loved the chocolate milk at the airport. My mother let me have two bottles this time -- who knew when I'd be able to have some again?

Despite the smiles, pasted on for the camera, the signs of grief and fatigue are all too clear on our youthful faces.

We are homesick already and don't want to leave. Tears are barely held back by tired eyes and shaky hands. The whole journey seems entirely too unreal. I keep hoping I'll wake up in my bed in my little blue room and find that it was all a dream.

Moonlit Trees . .

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