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Eskimo Coat
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Eskimo Coat

This picture was taken sometime during the winter of 1983. The kids around me are Benjamin (notorious class bad boy -- always in trouble for misbehaving), Marie (later one of the "popular" girls) and Anne Julie, perhaps one of the sweetest girls in the class and I can't remember now why I didn't try to spend more time playing with her.

I had my camera at school that day for some reason, which is how this picture wound up being taken. I believe it was Andrea who was standing behind the camera -- she'd been dying to take a picture all day. But I could be mistaken. At any rate, these weren't the kids that I usually hung out with, they just happened to be in the hallway with me at the time.

I'm wearing my favorite coat in this picture. There was a small clothing store for kids called Mowgli in the shopping center near where we lived. I picked this one out, because it reminded me of the coats I'd seen eskimos wear on a nature special on life on the ice and I just thought it would be nifty beyond belief to have a coat like that.

By the time this picture was taken, it was already beginning to get ratty around the edges, but I truly did not want to part with it. It wasn't until the following winter that Mom finally convinced me to abandon it, since there were holes in the pockets and the soft leather was starting to fray at the closures and seams. To boot I was growing and it was getting a bit tight in the shoulders.

Eventually, another trip to Mowgli yielded a replacement that was similar, though not as cool to my mind as my old coat. The new one still had a nice big hood with fur trimming on the edge, but this time the coat was nylon and it was steel gray.

I'm still very particular about my coats and jackets. For example, I don't like to buy jackets that don't have hoods. I am a hood-aholic and a good hood on a coat can make or break the sale for me. I've also become a pocket maniac since I owned this jacket, made by Columbia for L.L. Bean. It was called a Cornice Parka and it is not made anymore by either company, but I chalk this one up along with my eskimo coat as one of the niftiest coats I've ever owned.

The current crop of windbreakers and jackets I own don't even come close in the niftiness factors -- except for the replacement winter coat that arrived in the mail two winters ago.

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