Millennium Memoir
Moon and Stars . .


On the Wall
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Another place that we liked to play, was on the wall that separated out property from the one next door. There was a beautiful garden and a field of grasses down there, tucked into the angle of our wall and a bank of trees.

On the Wall

This picture was taken in the spring. I am in the middle, with my friends Andrea and Catherine. My little brother Tom stands below, being a goofball. At this point, things were already tense between Andrea and I, but I kept trying to put a brave face on things and carry on as if nothing had changed.

As you can see, Tom wasn't the only one being a goofball that day. In fact, silliness reigned supreme and I have a whole series of photos of us playing with the oars from the inflatable raft in the garage, pretending we were in a kayak and rowing down the river.

Beth the Goofball

Also of note is the length of my hair. I was born with a full head of the stuff and it grew quickly. It was waist length when I was four years old, when I cut at the urging of a playmate. By the time I was ten, it had all grown back though and it was nearly down to my behind.

I was very proud of my hair, even though brushing it was sometimes painful and a pain and keeping it long meant always needing to put it up somehow. In fact, I began to think of my glasses and my braids as a characterisitic of me. When I drew myself, it was always with two braids and large round glasses.

I still wear glasses, though the large rounded frames have given away to a smaller, oval variant. But the hair ... it had almost all grown back after my last experiment with a short bob when I was twenty. But I hacked it off again to shoulder length during the summer.

The appeal of long hair still floats around in the back of my mind and my hair still grows very quickly. But these days, I don't need my braids to identify myself as a unique individual.

Yet some days, I miss them, though at this stage it's been years since I outgrew them and started wearing one long braid down my back instead and then later on just a headband.

Present Post Script
The tree is up and it looks beautiful. I took pictures, but the roll of film isn't used up yet so it'll be a while before they're developed. The cats are having a field day. But I'm very tired and the office Christmas party today didn't help.

Moonlit Trees . .

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