November 23, 1999

We've Got it All Figured Out ... or Something

I met Chris for lunch today in Crystal City and we ate in the Underground Mall at Subway. The food wasn't that great, but we had a good chat over the meal while we were inside.

Things turned a bit sour while we were standing at the bus stop waiting for the shuttle that would take me back to work. I let a little bit of my testiness about being out of contact for so long get to me and I laid it all on him, which of course got his dander up.

I should know better than to let my case of the lonelies get the better of me.

I think we parted still on good terms, but this wasn't exactly the happy reunion I was looking for.

To boot, Chris has become even more cynical and sarcastic than he was before. Events of the last eighteen months haven't been particularly kind to him. But I've forgotten how to deal with that kind of edge in people. I've been around Sabs, who is all fuzzy edges for the most part, and only Sabs, for too long. The few other people I've had social contact with are even fuzzier than Sabs.

So it didn't go as well as I'd hoped, nor as badly as a part of me feared.

Work consumed me for most of the day otherwise. We're ramping up for the migration to Domino and hence I have to re-do the templates on all of the files for four sites. In general, I'm just working my fingers off, slicing up graphics, re-calibrating tables and trying to make everything as nice and clean as possible before we get the new software.

After work, we made a bee-line to the gym and I got a good work out in. I'm finding that I walk really well, but that my rear-end falls asleep on the stationary bike if I try to do more than 5-6 minutes of pedaling. So I'm going to stick to walking, because I get a better burn going anyway.

I finished up around 7pm and we hustled on over to our friend Angel's house way out in Newington to pick up the tape of last week's Buffy episode which we missed because we were out at dinner with my Dad.

We got back just in time to catch the beginning of this week's episode and grabbed re-heated meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner to eat while we watched.

We are Buffy freaks I tell you. Freaks.

So we wound up watching a total of three episodes tonight. Buffy was kind of funny, even though the subject matter was anything but, and Angel nearly made me cry, though the episode seemed a bit out of place in the greater scheme of things. And last but not least, the episode from last week validated all of my suspicions, so I got to spend the rest of the evening feeling vaguely elated about having it all figured out.



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