November 22, 1999


So, I complain a lot about being lonely and missing my friends, and how I don't hear from too many of them.

Well this week, I finally managed to make contact with one of them and I'm very excited because we've been trading emails all day and we have plans to get lunch tomorrow.

It turns out that Chris works at Crystal City now and is within relatively easy reach for lunch. He still lives all the way out in Woodbridge, but his job is within spitting distance of where Sabs and I work.

We haven't seen this Chris for almost two years now. The last time he was consistently around; was just after my birthday in 1998. We were role-playing regularly back then, and Chris was a relatively frequent visitor since he was a part of the game, along with Sean.

That was one of the best campaigns I've ever played in. Sabs did a pretty good job of coming up with an interesting game concept and Chris, Sean and I worked well together as players and our characters were a somewhat odd, but complimentary bunch.

The game changed in the early spring when we added new players, and much as I liked all of the people involved, I just like smaller parties better. When a game gets above four players, I feel like it gets too fractured and the GM doesn't have enough time to maintain the pace and pay enough attention to the plot points that concern each character.

I prefer small parties of three or four, well-balanced with an intense plot-driven game plan with lots of surprises for the players that tease the brain and not just the muscle of the characters.

At any rate, Chris had a really nifty character in the first version of that game and he got to be a good friend during that time period.

Then life interfered. So it'll be nice to see him again and try to hook him back into coming up here more often.

Sabs has another game in the works, which has a promising premise, so we'll see what we shall see.


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