November 21, 1999

Girl Talk

I overslept again and didn't get up until just before Marlo arrived for our brunch date. Sabs was on his way out to work, so I showered and got dressed as fast as possible and Marlo and I set off for a girl-talk at Copeland's over Omelette Lacombe and Eggs Benedict.

After we got back, we spent some time talking on the stairs, mostly reminiscing about days past at Smith. The weather was beautiful, warm, but not hot and clear as a bell with shining sun. The breeze flowed cleanly through the stairwell, carrying memories of bygone days with it. The crisp scents of an autumn on campus, friendly faces long missed.

We agreed that we ought to do a road trip up to Smith to revisit those old days a little, and spend a weekend in Boston with the contingent of friends who are all up there. Between the two of us, we know quite a handful of folks up thattaway.

Sometimes I feel like an island down here -- the isolated midpoint between the northern and southern contingents of my former group of Smith friends.

After Marlo left, I lacked the energy to get anything done, so I sacked out on the couch with the cats and enjoyed the breeze coming in through the open balcony door.

I watched Felicity, but I'm starting to really feel like the writers/producers, whomever, really don't know what to do with the show now. It's even more soap operatic than it was last season. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, but if doesn't start to get better soon, I'll just forget about it and stick to watching movies with Sabs on Sunday nights.

I wasn't very hungry, so I munched on bread and cheese and made Sabs some tricolor tortellini with alfredo sauce for dinner, while half-watching JAG. After he'd eaten, Sabs wandered out of the computer room and we watched La Femme Nikita since it was an episode we'd missed, followed by Linc's on Showtime.

We don't watch much TV regularly -- but we like to sit together in the evening with something on the screen, though sometimes we barely pay attention. The point is simply to spend a nice quiet time together, all warm and cozy and cuddly.

That's one of the things I like about "us" -- that we spend that kind of time together.


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