November 19. 1999

Circles in the Sky

As we drove up the road this morning, the sky was clear and bright with autumn light, when suddenly I noticed a perfect circle just hanging in the sky. I pointed to it waving excitedly.

"Look! Look! I wonder where that came from ... someone must have been drawing this morning

"Nah," said Sabs, "It's proof that God exists ... and he's smoking!"

As I watched, another line suddenly sprang to life against the blue and I caught a glimmer of light as the small plane turned, curving to form a new circle.

Just then I also caught sight of another set of circles and an odd angled line beside it.

"Hey ... no, look, they're drawing "2000" in the sky ..."

"If they are," replied Sabs, then they're having trouble with that last zero."

Just then we crested the hill and a whole slew of circles and angles popped into view.

"Ohmigosh!" I squealed like a teenager, "It's not "2000"! It's 007! The new Bond movie is out this weekend, isn't it?"

"Oh yeah! You're right," exclaimed Sabs.

A few seconds later, the morning radio show people commented about the phenomenon, stating that someone was drawing these 007s all over Washington.

Even though I now knew what the symbols were and their true origin, there was still something exciting and almost mystical about them. They hung in the sky, even after the crisp lines had begun to drift, pushed aside by the wind, oddly symmetrical where cloud shapes are usually so free form.

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