November 16, 1999

Good Things on the Horizon

After spending the day browbeating my PC, which is just not powerful enough to run ColdFusion efficiently, it was something of a relief to hop in the car and drive into town to meet my father and his business associates for dinner.

I also snuck a little bit of work on Dad's site into the day -- tweaked a page or two on the "application" pages so that some of the bits and pieces would work.

But essentially it was a long day of increasing frustration as the PC chugged along, taking 30 seconds or more to load things.

The air grew chill as night fell, such that when Sabs picked me up and we hit the streets of Georgetown in search of my dad's hotel, my cheeks were burnished to rose and my breath stolen by the wind.

Dinner was interesting, though now it all seems very surreal, almost as if it didn't happen, because I was very tired, and I had beer before I had food, so I was also little bit tipsy throughout the meal. I was so busy chatting that I forgot to order water and hence I was very thirsty when we got home.

The upshot of the demo and subsequent conversation was that Dad and his associates need to define some things about their business model a bit better, but that the site is going in the right direction <small pat on the last for me>.


In particular they like this logo and hence I have a basic "theme" for the site as a whole. It's nice to have more of a sense of direction now, so that I can go in and start to fix the "application" part of the demo and make it work better, look better and just be better on the whole.

All in all, it was a good evening, the company was good, the food was good, the beer was good, and pending funding, this could be a good step for Sabs and I to get some real clients at last. Then maybe, just maybe I can start working from home. So there's lots of potential here for all sort of good things to come down the pike in the not-so-distant future.

The important thing is to stay focused and keep on producing quality work so that the confidence of the people involved is maintained.

My dad also had on a really cool tie today, I think I helped my mother pick it out, but sadly, I don't quite remember. That's the way things keep going these days -- too much for the old noggin to process. What was even cooler about Dad's tie was that it matches the graphics concept that I came up with for the site. So when he gives presentations, he's as much in theme as the site is!

Talk about dedication eh?

When we got home, we'd missed Buffy entirely, but our friend Angel (not to be confused with the vampire Angel) taped it so we'll catch up with the Buff-meister later in the week. We did see Angel which was one of the "lighter, fluffier" type of episodes, but interesting nonetheless because it touched on an area of Whedon's universe that we haven't seen much of before: the demonic sub-culture that exists parallel to the human world.

next week is a big Buffy/Angel crossover, that promises to develop the Buffy/Angel romance thread some more and deal with some of the issues that were left hanging at the end of last season's Buffy.

Sabs wandered off to play on the computer afterwards, and I was about to go get in bed with a book and my notebook when I flipped over Showtime and dicscovered that Rudy was playing.

Now, I've only seen Sean Astin in Goonies and Toy Soldiers and since he will be playing Sam Gamgee in the upcoming Lord of the Rings project I wanted to see him in a more adult role. I was quite pleased with what I saw, and the story is very sweet and inspirational, even if the character is a little bit on the obsessive side.

Then again, aren't we all?

So I went to bed feeling kind of warm and fuzzy inside because the movie has a warm, fuzzy ending. Reading about fat cells and how to outsmart them was kind of boring after all that, but I kept making myself read next to get to the real meat of the book. Unfortunately the writer has a tendency to repeat herself a lot, which is why the book is so boring. However, marrying this book with Strong Women Stay Slim should prove to be an effective strategy for me to lose weight, so it's not money wasted.

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