November 15, 1999

Going to Bed Happy

Waking up this morning was extremely difficult. Sabs did his best and was very sweet and gentle, but it was so very very hard after so little sleep.

However, it was another productive day. I finally got all of the templates applied with the new layout on the pages for Project #1 which leaves me free to start developing the ColdFusion components that we need to deliver.

Happy pow wow dance.

We didn't work out today after work because I had to finish Dad's site though. Shifted everything over one day, we'll go tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday instead.

We'd gotten almost all the way home, we were in the driveway when I realized we should probably go to the store for water and some other sundries to help make dinner more quickly. So we turned around and went to Fresh Fields and picked up their turkey meatloaf, a small container of mashed potatoes and some corn-cilantro fritters.

Oh my, those fritters were good. We should have bought more of those they were that yummy. Crispy on the outside, fluffy and flavorful on the inside and lightly spicy with hints of red bell pepper and the cilantro of course. The potatoes were as good as always and their meatloaf is truly excellent, though it's so rich and heavy that I can usually only manage one slice.

After dinner and I got right down to work and managed to finish up just before 1am. All the files cleaned and re-worked with new logos and menu bars, except for 7 form files and the application pages, which I was hesitant to play with too much because of the interaction between the JavaScript and the HTML. I didn't want to break the code, because I just had too little time to figure out how to fix it if I did break it.

At any rate, the site looks pretty good. I had a last minute inspiration for the logo and I felt like it finally tied the overall design together well enough for demo and is something that can be built on in the future.

So at last, I went to bed happy ... and I don't remember dreaming.

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