November 11, 1999

Race to the Finish

Today was spent racing to finish up the layout on one of the projects that I am assigned to, before two o'clock when there was supposed to be a conference call with the clients.

Or so I thought.

After tearing my hair out for hours, pushing and pushing at the code to get it all in line in time, I finally got around to opening my email and skimming the messages to double-check the time.

As I read and reread the message in question a deep sigh built up in my chest. I pushed my chair away from my desk in one smooth motion, got up and wandered around the corner to my boss' desk.

"Hey, Boss? There's no conference call today is there?"

He looked up half-surprised then grinned and shook his head.

"Nope, it's next week."

Beth smacks head in hands and apologizes for being rather abrupt earlier in the day and setting aside another project he'd asked her about because she was too busy trying to work like lightning on the other aforementioned project.

Sometimes, I'm just not with it. No no no.

Though in general I feel as if it's taking me far too long to catch onto "how things are done" at this company. I thought I understood just fine when we were upstairs, but now that we're downstairs with everyone else the landscape of the office has gotten a lot more complicated.

I feel very isolated in our last corner space jammed up against the parking lot and several lack-luster gray partitions.

Wouldn't I just love it, if we could knock all the walls down and let the sunshine in.

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