November 3, 1999

Fall Cleaning

The last leaves are slowly drifting down from the trees in the square at my office complex, though the cherry tree outside is still fully clothed. It is a cherry tree by the way. All this time I thought it was a crab apple tree, but the other day I was standing beneath its widespread branches waiting for a cab ride to work when I noticed the wasps crawling all over the rotting fruit at its base. The fruit was definitely soft and had long stems instead of being firm with short stems, so I deduced that the tree was a cherry tree and then beat a hasty retreat as the wasps swarmed up to avoid being stung.

I have two projects coming up due, one which will be presented via conference call to Hawaii tomorrow and another which simply needs to have some minor cosmetic changes by Friday, but at last I'll have something solid to turn in.

I have to admit that I'm not 100% thrilled with what I've come up with for the first of those two -- let's call it Project #1 for lack of a better term, since I'm not supposed to talk much about what I work on outside of work. The design is blah at best, but it is fast loading and serves as a table-based stand-in for frames pretty well. I also learned how to do includes on a Mac WebStar server with NetCloak today. A blessed relief at last since half of what was taking so long was trying to perpetuate changes throughout each menu on twenty or more pages of the site. It was driving me nuts, even with BBEdits nifty search and replace features.

Project #2 is kind of on hold since I need the graphic designer's help with it. He's the one with full access to Photoshop and layers and a full color monitor after all, while I slave away trying to make Paint Shop Pro 6 work properly on an 80mhz PC with a 256 color monitor. GAAAAAH.

Anyway, basically work is kind of crazy and I can't seem to keep my hands off the damn brownies in the café. I've had one for lunch nearly every day this week and that is bad bad bad. I have to stop eating them or losing weight will once again become a distant goal.

Halloween at Chris and Skinny's was fun -- their decorations, a pair of "wedding" skeletons, lit ceramic pumpkins and lots of plastic rats, a couple of black lights and some eerie sound effect were very very impressive indeed. I even felt spooked as I trailed up the walk in my wench costume and long cape.

We watched Prince of Darkness which wasn't terribly scary as horror movies go, just kind of raunchy with lots of bad acting.

I still think that Seven is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. I even watched The Blair Witch Project last night and didn't find it overly frightening after going over the web site with a fine toothed comb and watching The Curse of the Blair Witch. Honestly, the trailers scared me more than the actual film did because the trailer left so much up to your imagination. But the web site told pretty much the whole story, which didn't leave much for the film to fill in. I wish I'd seen the movie before I'd learned its story so well from the site. Then it would have been positively terrifying.

I didn't have a problem with the camera work at all. In fact I barely noticed it -- but that may be because I'm not all that steady on my own two feet as it is. Go figure.

I'm doing a big clean up in the journal right now. I finally decided to just ditch Owl's Eye View since a lot of the files in there were broken anyway. Hence I am porting all of those files into the current Narrative format and my, but it's slow going.

I've only gotten through August of 1997 tonight and it's already midnight. I'm going to bed, but hopefully I'll get more than three months done tomorrow and have the whole lot finished by Monday so that there will actually be a continuous line from May 8th, 1997 when I started this whole thing, to the present.

I'm also going to put a real cast of characters page in at last, following up on the work I began a long long time ago and never finished, way last when the journal was still called Rambles .. or Ramblings jeez you know, I don't even remember what I called it in its third incarnation. Oy. It took me way too long to settle on a name. This journal has had no less than five titles in its brief life. This is it though I think -- I finally have the metaphor that I was looking for and it was right under my nose the whole time.

So if you care about the archives at all, bear with me as I try very hard to get the silly things in order at last. I'm also fixing all the broken links, updating various links that really needed updating and taking out all of the old code. It's a herculean task, but it should be worth it in the long run, especially since I'm planning on downloading Jennifer's script to help me maintain the site from here on out.

In the meantime, it's gotten cold out again and I'm happy, happy, happy. It's brisk and blustery and perfectly autumn-like which is absolutely wonderful.

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