October 30, 1999

Patterns of Panic

I've spent the last few days frantically finishing up the last few costumes that needed to be delivered for Halloween and shipped them off via FedEx. Now I'm done. All done.

We also moved at work, from the 4th floor and a cozy, sunny if small office, to the "pit" the dark far last corner of the office, behind the library, out of sight out of mind, a lightless if large space.

I was also late too many times this week -- damn sewing always messing things up for me.

Sabs also had to work today, but we'd made plans to have Thai dim sum with Chris and Skinny, so I managed to haul myself out of bed before 11am so I could get a ride with them to the restaurant. Sabs met us there as did Skinny, who had had to attend a funeral on last-minute notice.

However, the meal was great. I've never had Thai dim sum before, in fact I had no idea there was such a thing, but let me tell ya, you think Chinese dim sum is good? Thai is better. Much better. The array of flavors was broader for one and there were many more dishes that were shrimp-free, a welcome change for me, since I just can't seem to make myself like shrimp. Everything was much lighter, less greasy than the dim sum I'm used to. The spring rolls with shiitake mushrooms were especially good as were the Sesame Plaintain Banana fritters of which I ate almost an entire plateful. There were also excellent rice noodles with crab meat, steamed pork buns (different flavor than Chinese steamed pork buns), rice cakes with a yummy sauce, pork won tons and so many other good things that we were fairly rolling out the door when we were done.

Afterward we took a stroll through the Thai grocery that sits right next door, eyeing all sorts of wares, from sixteen different kinds of rice, to sixteen different kinds of soy sauce.

We also made plans to get together with Chris and Skinny for Halloween and promptly went home to sack out on the couch. Sabs fell asleep and removed to the bedroom while I vegged out for several hours until it was time to make dinner.

It felt so nice to be able to just sit last and relax. We had nowhere to go, nowhere we needed to be. The laundry machine was busily churning away and the litter box was mostly clean. What more could one want on a sleepy Saturday afternoon?

Sabs had to go last to work for a little while and I made dinner while he was gone. But the overall theme of the day was simply recovering from all the whackiness of the previous three weekends.

Sometimes I wish that the events in my life would just try a bit harder to space themselves out more evenly. But then, I probably wouldn't be able to properly appreciate the quieter weekends as much.

At any rate, here's a to a nice long string of normal, quiet, blah weekends in which many chores are taken care of and lots of cuddling on the couch takes place.

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