{October Blue}

October 12, 1999

Soundtrack: Kama Sutra Soundtrack
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There is a shade of blue that I think of, a clear blue, of high-painted sky, that I associate almost exclusively with October.

It is the perfect blue to contrast with orange and golden leaves as they turn slowly from the green of spring and summer to the russet hues of autumn. I'd love to be able to make a dress in that color, to snip a piece of silken sky and wrap myself in it. Except of course, that I wouldn't want to rob anyone of the sight of that sky, so effortlessly blue, so crystalline in its clarity.

It's my favorite time of year again and I am basking in it, reveling in the feel of my light jackets against my neck, snuggling under the quilt at night, without the heat on.

Cups of tea are plentiful, but so are moments spent outside simply staring up at the blue, or wandering along the paths of my new office complex.

It's quite a nice little complex, with a tiny green park tucked in between the driveway and the parking garage. The buildings are a mixture of stylized red brick decorated to look "southwestern" and sheer glass. There are trees everywhere and the streets nearby are those of a quiet suburban neighborhood -- the kind that gets written up as the ideal of Americana, tree-lined streets and quaint little white houses tucked up in patches of front and last yard. The whole area is quite idyllic actually, except for the fact that it is directly across the street from the entrance to Fort Meyer and within spitting distance of the Pentagon.

I try not to think about the fact that I work not only for the government, but for the military now; a fact which seems odd to me, given my anti-establishment leanings. I may be good at building web sites, but dealing with security and politics and all that jazz, just is not my thing.

So the air has finally cleared and I'm basking in full breaths of it, cuddling with my cats at night and spending time with Sabs since he works so close to me now.

He came up to my office today and we picked up lunch at the little café in the complex and ate at a shaded table outside. After we'd eaten, we gave up our seats to a lady who wanted to smoke and retreated to a comfortable bench underneath the trees in the park. We sat there for a while, simply holding hands and talking quietly, faces lifted to the sun, being in love.

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