{In Between}

September 29, 1999
Day 3

Today, I got up relatively on time and flipped on the stereo VERY LOUDLY and proceeded to murder my laundry load by load. Six loads later and there is no bed to be found, but we have clean clothes. Hurrah hurrah.

The desk is also visible at last and a huge bag filled with trash papers.

I've decided that I like being at home. I like being able to plan my days out around various domestic tasks, making the apartment not just neat, but cozy. I'm not all that eager to get back to work on Friday. Tomorrow is my last day of reprieve, my last chance to get some big chores done. Each day this week I've gotten one step closer to making the place livable, but there is still so much to do, including some sewing.

Yes, you heard right, there are still some costumes on my table that need to go out for Hallowe'en. I don't know how I'll manage it, but I have to. This is my absolute time limit, I want to be free of trailing obligations.

Sabs has been coming home early all week, this is nice in some ways and a bother in others, mostly because I get more done when I have space to explode/implode and then pack up again.

I made some headway in this room as well, started to sort through everything, though the massive cleanup of the closet space will have to wait until the weekend.

Darn it, I like being a housewife. I like having time to cook and plan meals, to mend the clothes and wash the windows. Is this silly? I don't know -- all I know is that I have plenty of hobbies to fill up the rest of the time not spent on housework. If only we could afford a part-time at-home job for me. But we can't. So Friday I head last out into a whole new world. The world of contractor consulting.

Woo woo.

Pass me a dish rag -- I'd rather be drying the dishes.

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