{In Between}

September 28, 1999
Day 2

The real fun began today. I still slept in, but I tackled the first of the many mammoth tasks that needed to be done around this place. Today's task was to continue with the laundry, clean the kitchen and scrub the bathroom.

I got started late, the computer remains a distraction you see. So many little things to clean up and I'm so frustrated with my web sites right now. One is still down due to construction and I have no idea when I will put it back up. This is mostly because I want to make that site a truly hypertextual environment, a stream-of-consciousness story instead of the hacked up bits and pieces that are there now. I want it to become a cohesive whole that ebbs and flows like the eddies of a stream.

Maybe my expectations are too high, but I really want to make something that shines for once. You know? Something really beautiful and thoughtful and serene. All of my designs feel messy all of a sudden, even though my style is intrinsically spare. I'm frustrated also by the changes in HTML standard -- font tags are deprecated in HTML 4.0 so I find myself obliged to go through and apply stylesheets everywhere.

Do you realize how many pages I have on each one of my sites? The immensity of the task of going through all the pages (because of course, I have at least the remnants of five or six designs on every site) by hand terrifies me.

Yet I did manage to go through one set of folders before forcing myself to pull out a sponge and the PineSol and give the kitchen and bathroom what they deserved. Now the entire apartment smells lemony fresh and is filled with the sounds of The Nature Company's A Tour of Music 1998, a compilation CD that includes a truly eclectic collection of world music. I've been putting it on repeat play all day and replaying Deep Forest's Madazulu over and over again as I shake my tushy to the beat and scrubba dubba the tubba.

I also left the bedroom door open today -- Pearl and Shara have been coming and going all day in relative peace. The occasional hissy fit has broken out, but Shara seems to be less insistent about beating Pearl up, especially now that Pearl can fight last. We'll see. If it gets too bad, I'll just have to go back to leaving the door closed and trying to find a good home for Pearl.

Tomorrow's task: the bedroom. All remaining laundry, the desk which is somewhere underneath all those papers, I swear and if I get to it, the bookcase.

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