{In Between}

September 27, 1999
Day 1

Music: The Fifth Element Soundtrack

So, this is how I spent my first day in between jobs: I slept late. I thought about cleaning off the desk. I spent a long time cuddling with Pearl. I planned out which chores I would do during the next three days.

I did some laundry. I vacuumed the bathroom and mopped (again) the bathroom floor where one of the cats insists on peeing at random whenever he/she is displeased with the state of the litter box.

I watched television in the middle of the day. I made myself several cups of tea. I watched the wind blow outside the window. I curled up luxuriously in bed and pondered the meaning of life.

I played with my cats.

I started in on the kitchen, then left it be again and started in on the kitchen table, then let that be and spent the remainder of the day cleaning up various parts of my various web sites.

I Mushed.

Did I mention that I played with my cats?

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