{Sunday Bloody Sunday}

September 26, 1999

Not to get too graphic, but that title aptly describes the day. I spent most of it on the couch with a cold glass of milk in one had and the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, which has an excellent spread on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer in it this week, in the other. Kudos to Mr. Ken Tucker and his daughter Hannah, whom I used to baby-sit a long time ago, for nailing the appeal of this show right on the head and making a strong case to non-fans to watch it dammit.

I got up sometime between 11am and noon, after Sabs woke me suddenly from a dream at 10:30am, asking me if I wanted breakfast in bed. I'm not sure what I answered, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't a sweet thank you since I was shaking with fear at being yanked from the strange dreamland in which I wandered. He settled for making me some chamomile tea and showering me with hot croissant again, before settling me on the couch for the day after a run to the store for Red Day supplies: chocolate pudding, milk and cookies.

Then he left for an afternoon of roleplaying and I went back to reading my article. Around 4pm I hauled myself off the couch. The pain was starting to lessen and I felt like it might be okay if I sat up and dealt with some web stuff for a while.

So I did. Took care of some submissions for Titanic Stories that had been sitting around in my box forever. Finished fixing up various parts of the site that were missing or broken due to the move to the new server and twiddled around with the layout of the new UBB that I installed on Friday night.

Our friend Skinny called around 5pm to invite us to Chris' birthday celebration in two weeks. Sabs showed up around 6pm and talked to his Dad soon afterwards and invited him up for his birthday (his Dad's, not Sabs') on October 18th.

On October 9th I will be a bridesmaid in my friend Marlo's wedding and on October 22nd we fly to Tulsa for the weekend to attend Kim's wedding.

Could October be any busier people? It's also my friend Zoe's birthday on October 23rd and I need to send her a good card and a nice long letter.

Around 8pm I tore myself away from the computer long enough to go watch the premiere of Felicity, my new "light entertainment" show and then Sabs watched the premiere of Snoops while I got back online. We rounded out the evening by half-watching Law & Order and then toddled off to bed, where I tried to read more of Dune, but wound up falling asleep instead.

I'm looking forward to next week: four days of catch up time, both on the sleep front and the housework front. So much to do and I finally have a little bit of time in which to do it. I'm also finally beginning to be excited about the new job. Kind of like that little nervous feeling I got when I first moved to DC and prepared for my first day at my first real job in the big city after college.

But this is not quite as poignant.

This job represents the fruits of the last four years of labor finally being reaped. This job is the first step into real, full-time professional web design and development. This is the beginning of a (hopefully) successful career which should span the next five years or so.

Though I can't predict those next five years, I do have plans for them, and this is the first step towards making those nebulous plans a reality.

At last the scale has tipped my way.

Now just pray for me, so that I don't screw this up too.

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