{Looking out to the Future}

September 24, 1999

Today was my last day at GW. I signed my contract for D&P and faxed it back to Aaron. I wrote a nice letter to VerticalNet, to tell them of my choice and express my thanks for the time they spent with me.

Then I settled back to type comments into my code for the project as fast as possible. Every few hours, I'd pop my head out or wander around the office feeling a bit teary as more and more offices became desolate wastelands.

At 5 o'clock the bulk of the few people who were left said good-bye. I handed out my e-mail address, waved as cheerily as possible and went back to coding half-heartedly.

Dave refused to say good-bye, saying that indubitably, we'd be seeing each other again and that he'd be in touch to invite us out for drinks or whatever.

Around 7pm, Sabs turned up with the car and I hurried to type faster. Together we backed up all my personal files, zipped them and transferred them over to our server. Then we wiped the machine clean of all traces of me. It's going to Dr. Slater now -- may it bring him luck.

The final good-bye came all too soon as we carted my box and a few other items down to the car. We held up traffic in the access-way beside K St. for a little while as I struggled to stuff my chair into the back seat. But at last we got it in and drove off into the blustery evening without looking last.

Next Friday, I start at D&P at the early hour of 8am. Gah, that will be the hardest part of the new job, getting used to the morning hours. On the other hand, this will be good for me, force me into getting up in the morning again. In the meantime, I have a week off, with pay, unused vacation time coming back to me, severance as well as a new much higher paycheck.

So even though I lost my job, I'm going to make out like a bandit. Go figure. But I deserve some good karma for once. This year has sucked, it's about time things turned around a bit. We'll use some of the extra cash to throw a goodly bit at the debt consolidation and some to go to Sabs' friend Kim's wedding in Oklahoma at the end of October. Before this week, I couldn't see a way for us to afford the trip. Now all of a sudden, it's much less of a problem, we can even squeeze in a car rental, but we won't be able to do any hard core shopping.

Poor Kim will have to make do with our presence as a wedding gift, because we won't be able to afford much more. But the key thing is that will be able to go.

So now I have all this time. Time to get my life in order, to clean the house, to pay the bills, to finish the last few costumes left over from my crazy costuming venture of last winter, to revamp my web sites and generally just, do a fall cleaning of my life.

Boy does that ever feel good.

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