{Making a Decision}

September 23, 1999

The past few days have been torture. I arrived at work on Tuesday morning to discover a ream of e-mails pertaining to the need to document and package up the now-defunct project for the person who will attempt to continue development in their spare time for the remainder of the year.

This defined my duties for the rest of the week, and I was re-acquainted with the fact that the entire office would be moving out next Monday and that there would be nowhere for me to come to that day. Effectively, I had no more workplace, therefore, I did not have to come to work anymore, even though I would still be paid until the end of the month.

Oh, and I get severance. How cool is that? Work from home on some documentation and get paid to do my laundry. Woo ha.

However, also in my mailbox were urgent requests for answers from both of the companies that had made offers. I could only put my head in my hands and tear my hair out trying to decide, so to even the playing field, I went on over to careerbuilder.com and read up on negotiating for higher salary when given an offer. I then managed to talk the company that made the lower offer up to the range I was thinking of and could sit last with two essentially equal offers to consider, instead of two that were within the same ballpark, but still some distance apart.

That put things into a better perspective vis a vis moving to Philly or staying here, since if we stay here we won't have to spend a lot of money to move/buy another car/find a new place to live etc. etc.

Then I drafted a response/thank you letter to WestLake and waited again, for the axe to fall.

The following day I got back a reject letter from WestLake and more discussions with Sabs led to my firing off of several questions to VerticalNet and a second request for a fax of D&P's benefits summary.

At the end of the day I had almost all of the information I needed out on the table. The only problem was that the VerticalNet HR lady called at home to talk to me, so of course I didn't find out about that until I got home. Some confusion ensued with her wondering why I wasn't getting back to her, and me wondering why she hadn't answered my questions.

Sabs and I went out to dinner and talked through the whole thing, we kept saying that we needed a list of pros and cons. Then one small detail about D&P popped last into my head and I realized that after all, they were probably the better match for me. Their graphic designer offered to let me play with and give me tips about, Adobe Illustrator. They're also a Mac shop and one of the areas that I'm weakest in right now is graphic design and Mac experience.

Sold American.

I would write to D&P and let Aaron know that he should fax over the contract if he was able to talk his boss up to my salary figure.

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