{Winnie Visit}

September 18, 1999

Winnie arrived last night around 8pm or so with Raoul in tow. Or rather, I should say that Winnie and Raoul arrived, with chocolate in tow, since it's his car and they both drove and they came bearing chocolate for us.

I was already wiped out from the long day of interviews, but mustered enough energy to haul my sorry carcass out to dinner at Silverado. Good meal, good conversation, lots of fun of course, just like the last time Winnie and Raoul were our guests.

After dinner, I was really tired. I really wanted to sleep, but Winnie wanted to talk and I did want to talk to Winnie, but I also wanted to sleep.

We were up until 3 or 4am, talking about everything. Talks with Winnie have always been like that -- one of the aspects of being at Smith that I miss the most actually, was being able to run downstairs at any hour of the door and bang on Winnie's door so that we could girl-talk into the wee hours.

So we talked about a lot of serious things. You know -- the life and death issues of life, the meaning of love, the meaning of relationships etc. etc. I can't recall any of my exact words now -- the whole night remains a haze in my brain now, due to the extreme fatigue I was experiencing, but I know we covered a lot of ground, and I hope that what I had to say was helpful.

At any rate, I slept extremely late. Sabs went out to the Mediterranean bakery and brought croissants last for breakfast which I wound up having around lunch time. Then we all just sat around and blathered for a few hours, half watching The Man in the Iron Mask, which happened to be on Showtime, and mostly just talking lightly.

They left in the late afternoon, heading back to Blacksburg so that Raoul could get some work done on his thesis. He's matured a lot in the past two years, and I feel better and better with each passing year about Winnie's involvement with him. He's a really, really, nice guy and I hope that things wind up working out for them, one way or another.

The upshot of Winnie's visit was that I got a lot of gossip and news about my other Smith friends, some good, some not-so-good. Lots of engagements and new relationships and so forth. It's natural, I suppose, at our age. Everyone beginning to pair off and prepare for the next stage of life, be it parenthood or career.

I'm not sure exactly which path I'm on anymore. I guess I'll just keep working it out as I go along. Sabs good a very delicious dinner of pork chops and sauteed potatoes. The beans were, unfortunately too freezer burned to save, though he made a valiant effort.

Though seeing Winnie again was great, her presence also made me hanker after the Smith Dynamic again: that feeling of wanting women-friends around me more often and for longer periods of time. I really miss the companionship of other women. I am lonely. I need to do something to remedy that problem, but right now possible solutions escape me.

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