{Job Hunt}

September 15, 1999

I stayed at home today to make an endless string of phone calls and pore through the massive numbers of Web Developer positions advertised on the various job boards all over the 'net.

Time is beginning to run short: I have fifteen days to find myself a new placement and the pressure is beginning to build. I'm nervous, I don't know whether we should try to stick it out here or move on to a different place. I'm drawn to New York for so many reasons, yet at the same time prudence whispers in my ear that now is not necessarily the best time to be moving.

I am even more uncertain about San Francisco or Philadelphia. Sure, San Fran has Sean, Sabs' best friend as a lure. But what does it hold for me? I did enjoy my time in the city last summer very much, but I don't feel prepared to move across the country quite yet. Too many things are uncertain with my family and Sabs' family at this juncture. It seems foolish to move to a place that would double the length of time it takes to fly to Europe.

Philadelphia on the other hand still bears a lot of emotional issues for me. I grew up in its suburbs and had a rough time of it. Now that I'm older I see many things about the city to appreciate. Not the least of which is the fact that it's one of few East Coast cities where you can actually live downtown and for a reasonable price as well. It also bears the double-edged blessing of being close to my parents and Sabs' parents. It would make visiting much much easier. On the other hand, it could make visits far too easy.

Finally, we'd have to break our lease here to move and I'm not sure we ought to do that. So I'm also looking around here.

All of my hard work today was ultimately successful. I have three interviews, one for next Monday in Willow Grove on the outskirts of Philadelphia and two on Friday in Arlington and downtown respectively.

It's going to be a busy few days and I need to be on the ball, but I feel nervous and off-kilter.

I hate job hunting.


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