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So, in light of yesterday's entry, how freaky is this?

My.Yahoo Horoscope for Aquarius, Wed. August, 18, 1999
You may be seriously rethinking your job or career today. Things that have happened lately have made you wonder if you shouldn't be in a different job, or perhaps in a different career altogether. It's never too late to change, Aquarius. You might want to take a class to learn some new skills that could take you new places. Your restlessness will respond to an evening spent talking things over with someone who has your interests at heart. Listen carefully.

I am not much of a believer in the zodiac and horoscopes, though I do read Tarot. I read my horoscope off and on more for the amusement value than anything else, since they are so frequently dead wrong, tending to state the exact opposite of what is actually going on in my life.

This is the most accurate, precisely on target horoscope, that I think I have read in recent memory. Quite frightening actually since it mirrors my thought process of last night and this morning, almost to the letter.

That horoscope person over there at Yahoo must be reading my mind. That, or he/she is so like me, that his/her life is following similar paths right now.

More Music
Since I couldn't resist making another, I've posted the second of the two pieces from Guitars that are currently inhabiting my brain full time. If I knew how to use Quicktime to its fullest extent, I might just succumb to the urge to make my own trailer from the few sample images we've seen for the Tolkien films and set it to this tune, blended with another faster one on the album and wind it up with the one I sampled yesterday.

Interesting Conversation
Just got back from lunch and had a very interesting talk with Joe. You know -- one of those bittersweet, "it's been fun working with you" kind of talks that ends leaving you with a faint sense of nostalgia about a good thing ending.

We aired a lot of issues about the things that have been going on around here and it's helped me make some decisions. It also clarified a number of things leaving me even surprised at just how perceptive I've been over the past few months. I dometimes don't give enough credit to my hunches and gut instincts.

I'm a chick -- I guess I should listen to that "women's intuition" more often.

I'm still sad to have to say good-bye though. I've had a lot of good-byes to say recently. It feels like all of this is building up to something -- sort of like leaves whipping about in the wind before the storm.

T-minus 28 hours.


Actually, we're in pretty good shape. Just a few more loose ends to nail down and we're golden.

Let's just hope the suits agree.

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