Finally. At last. Hurrah!

A break in the clouds, a ray of light to lift my confusion.

For the past um ... ten days or so, I've been scratching my head and tearing my hair out over what should be a simple piece of functionality in the application I am working on. But all my efforts to look up solutions were of no avail. I'd find something, try to adapt it to the situation -- passing a variable from ColdFusion into a popup window from a frameset and then back into the frameset again -- and it wouldn't work. In fact everything I was trying was failing abysmally.

Blame it on my shoddy knowledge of Javascript, or simple obtuseness. Who knows why I had such a huge mental block about this problem. I couldn't let it go though, mostly because if it works it makes this application so cool.

It's very slick with the popups in place, makes the whole module flow as smoothly as silk, instead of clunkily, like an elephant dancing the way it does now.

At last today, I found a snippet of code in the CF developer's forum that cast some light on the situation.

I was right, it is simple. Amazingly simple, and the problem lies in faulty knowledge of HTML on my part, not any big complex thing having to do with javascript or ColdFusion. You see, I didn't realize that a FORM tag could be targeted to a frame.

*sound of hand smacking forehead*

With that little piece of HTML magic in place, I can forget about trying to pass variables in and out of ColdFusion through JavaScript, which was what was causing all the headaches. Now it's just a simple matter of passing variables on the URL -- very straightforward, very clean, and mostly invisible.

So I'm doing a little jig, because this breakthrough has happened just in time. The demo is next Thursday. I was beginning to despair that I'd be able to figure it out in time and be able to add some of the other functionality that is needed to make this application so slick, that the organization giving us funding will have no other choice but to say "Yes! We love it! Keep working on it!"

Gee -- do I want to keep my job or what?

Silver Lining
So I learned something today. And the car is last from the shop. And this domain has been successfully moved over (though I seem to be missing an awful lot of email). Pearl's picture is finally scanned (go see!) and she is eating after almost a week of finicky behavior. Thank goodness.

So the silver lining in the clouds has finally come clear and things are settling back down. We won't have much money for the next week and a half, because the car cost an arm and a leg to fix.

But it's all good.

And with that, I bid you adieu, to go have some dinner and a cuddle with my honey.


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