Soundtrack: Theme from Felicity

It's the smell that reaches me first. Swirling up the stairs and over the railings.

Carried by the wind, clear and sweet, rushing around me, through me -- up nostrils into my brain and away again.

My feet carry me down the stairs, unseen, out into the green world, out into the spring.

Across the street, the creek moves in its banks, a vague echo of crystal its only sound as it twists and spins beneath the deep, dappled shade of the trees.

Another breeze and the trees sway, casting their heads about beneath the azure blue, sunlit sky.

I can only guess at the mysteries hidden there under the leaves, yet I let the mystery penetrate my being, filling my senses until I am drunk with green.

I carry it with me, just beneath the surface of my skin, as I board the bus and am carried away in a cloud of stinking gas and dust.

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