November 3, 1997

The Fifth Element, Motion Picture Soundtrack


So ... barring a miracle from my upcoming visit to Metro's Lost & Found, I am now less one winter jacket and an undeveloped roll of flim.

I don't know HOW this happened, but I can't find my jacket anywhere. I had it slung over my arm on Friday night as I left the Metro. I had a lot on my mind, my friends' costume and what to do for the evening and I was tired and out of sorts.

I got off the train and walked through the stile, I assume I still had my jacket at that point, since I'd just been staring, mesmerized at the radial on the snap only 5 minutes before as I waited to disembark. So I walked through the stile and skittered around the corner to see if the bus I wanted was there. It wasn't so I opened my purse and checked the schedule, ten to fifteen minute wait for the bus, so I walked back out to the other side and called sabs from one of the pay phones.

Now, I'm ALMOST positive that I had my jacket when I made that call, that I leaned it between my thigh and the slope of the booth under the phone while I dialed, but I'm just not sure. Then, I went and sat down on the curb to wait for sabs. I'm again, pretty sure that I tucked jacket and bookbag between my legs and propped my book up on both as I waited. But I'm not sure, not positive.

I also think I remember throwing my jacket into the car when I got into it when sabs pulled up. But, I'm not sure. I didn't realize it was gone until Saturday morning when we went out to the post office. It was raining so I went to grab my jacket. Not in the closet. Okay, so I poke around in the bedroom, not there. Now I am mildly agitated ... I start pulling things apart, like the couch and the closet and the pile of clothes in the bedroom. No jacket.

I'm perplexed. It's not in the car, it's not in the entry hallway. When we came home on Friday, a lone and desolate little trick-or-treater was climbing down the stairs, with her parents looking downcast. With a grin I asked them if they wanted to come up, as we had candy for the taking. I could have sworn that I slung my jacket over my arm and climbed up to the apartment, then dumped all of my stuff in the hallway as I held the door open with my foot so the kid would know where we were.

Still no sign of my jacket. I made sabs drive to the Metro to look. No jacket. I asked the attendant, she said that everything gets taken to the central facility regardless of where it was found. With a heavy heart I got back in the car and we went home. sabs called the friends we hung out with on Hallowe'en night to ask them if they had it. They called back a bit later, "No, we don't see it". I might have dropped it outside when we got out of the car at their house ... I dropped my pants which I'd brought to change into in case my costume got too uncomfortable. But their neighborhood is a family neighborhood, you know, nice families etc. The kind where people go around and ask "Did you lose something?" So if I had dropped it there, someone would probably have picked it up and gone around asking.

So, it all comes down to the Metro Lost and Found. If it's not there I have no winter coat. And I can't afford to buy a new one, so it's layers for me I guess. What's more disappointing is the loss of the roll of film which was in the pocket, as yet undeveloped which I'd meant to develop on Saturday. That and the fact that I don't know how I could have done this. How could I have lost my COAT. A scarf sure, a hat maybe, gloves, yeah, my umbrella yeah ... but my COAT????.

It's also upsetting because I wore this coat all year during my junior year abroad, it has a really nifty pocket at the breast which I use for my metro pass and other things in the winter. And I just, LIKE it. It has great colors and it's soft inside and light so it's not bulky and I don't get too hot. I got it from L.L. Bean, and they don't make that style anymore.

Yeah I know it's silly to cry over a jacket. But well .... I'm upset. So I did cry and losing it ruined my weekend.

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