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For those of you wondering where I’d gotten to…a quick post! Move to Seattle:  Could have been much better.  Could have been somewhat worse.  Currently unpacking boxes left over from my grad school days and wondering why the heck I kept some of the stuff I did.  Well, a lot of the stuff I did. […]

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Ah, Spring

I mean spring the season, of course, not Spring the (admittedly fabulous) person. Spring having finally sprung, the weather is absolutely fabulous (75 Fahrenheit-ish) and sunny, but that also means (because Murphy/Sod can’t leave me alone) that the pollen count is soaring and every year in May/early June I’m afflicted with hayfever. This is the […]

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I have this week off work to clean and pack. Yesterday was pretty much a washout – was just TIRED and couldn’t be motivated to do much, although I did get my two standing orders for nursery and rent cancelled, as well as picking up a passport application, which I’ve been putting off doing for […]

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Along with the tumbling tumbleweeds…

Yesterday we finally booked tickets for our move at the end of May and a dramatic sense of permanence (well, of inevitability, perhaps) begins to settle in. I could probably sit down right here and count the number of moves I’ve made in my lifetime. It’s a lot. Several of them are international moves but […]

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