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I’m full of things I cannot say and they are bubbling inside me, making me want to scream with the misery that is being an adult who tries to be sensitive to others and make her way reasonably smoothly through social interactions. So. I need to mosaic. I need to do something that has no […]

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My Mosaic Obsession

This is my first mosaic, created during a day-long workshop at Seattle Mosaic Arts, probably the best money I’ve spent on crafting in a LONG time, except that it has now created an obsession that keeps me up at night, wondering what to create! I haven’t had time this semester to do more that this […]

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The temptation to write “Sleepless in Seattle” for insomnia-related posts is overwhelming. Alas that it would feel so trite if I were to do so… I could NOT get to sleep last night. I went to bed around 9:30 and just tossed and turned. My pillows were too slippery. My brain wouldn’t turn off. Under […]

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