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Five Interests Meme – Part 2

I got my first troll yesterday. Woohoo! I feel like I’ve undergone an initiation or something… No, I didn’t approve the comment. I don’t need anyone outside of my own skull giving me bad messages about myself. I do plenty of that on my own. *** And now for something completely different, the continuation of […]

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5 weird things

From Beth. Posting 5 odd things about myself: 1.  Wool (and that includes those scratchy wool blankets) gives me chills.  I don’t wear it and don’t touch it, ever.  If polar fleece gets that scratchiness to it I can’t touch it either, and that includes gritting my teeth and shuddering while cuddling Ciaran if he’s […]

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The economics of cows

Re-posted from the INFJ listserv: After the recent teetering-on-the-edge-of-total-economic-and-financial meltdown couple of weeks, it seems economic systems and their workings have pushed their way into the need-to-know-category. Well, we can now simplify this all by explaining 21 economic models with cows. It is remarkable how much sense it all makes from this real world perspective! […]

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