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At Last, Summer

Today has been the sort of day you wish for all summer and, in Manchester, very rarely get. It all seemed a bit depressing, early on, as Ciaran woke up at 5.40 for the third morning in a row (for no apparent reason) and I thought it was going to just drag along. Thankfully, he […]

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Amongst the fuss of teething babies, increasingly insane work as the academic year begins, and the insanity of our perpetually messy flat, I can find it very hard to treasure the little moments that make my day/week/year better. Just a few of the things I love: – A freshly made bed – The expression on […]

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Winter on the way

The last week has been remarkably nice for this, a summer expected to go on record as the rainiest in history for England and Wales since records began in 1766. We’ve had sunny days, despite relatively cool temperatures, and I suppose the best indication of how rain-free it has been is that I’m caught up […]

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