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Some people’s writing makes me wish I could write like them. Or, if not exactly like them (I’m too individualist to want to be exactly like anybody else!), at least to have some of the same mystery, the same beauty. I love reading my friend D’s blog over at Workable Kitchen because after reading what […]

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At Last, Summer

Today has been the sort of day you wish for all summer and, in Manchester, very rarely get. It all seemed a bit depressing, early on, as Ciaran woke up at 5.40 for the third morning in a row (for no apparent reason) and I thought it was going to just drag along. Thankfully, he […]

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Speak up!

One of the things I’m missing about Livejournal is the fact that since I have so few people registered here to comment, I get no comments. I used to be funny about registering for outside blogs too…just so you know, I don’t have to approve your registration. It’s automatic and nifty and stuffs! *** Our […]

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