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Sometimes I am utterly convinced of the entirely perverse nature of the universe we live in.  Why else, when I’ve got a crazy schedule for the next four or five days, would I fall ill with the first cold I’ve had in months?  Although DayQuil is keeping me alive, I’m functioning on the principle that [...]

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7 Weird Things

From The Cooler, More Artistic Heidi of Daisybones who tagged me to do this ages ago (and then I forgot). 1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself. 3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your [...]

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Had a bizarre dream last night – a CSI-related dream, presumably the result of the new series of CSI finally starting on Channel Five. It followed an almost equally bizarre dream the night before, wherein I discovered I was pregnant (boo!) but in so doing, also discovered that Coke was now selling Coke-themed pregnancy tests [...]

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Christmas Plague

Turns out it’s a chest infection. I managed to get to the doctor yesterday and the nurse practitioner said my whole right lung is full of crap, essentially. The fever’s gone, finally, and I’m dosing up on antibiotics and using a new steroid inhaler to try to get rid of the cough.   I assume this [...]

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Feeling Poor

Christmas is always an expensive time of year, although I think we make a good effort to keep costs down and not spend money we don’t have (I don’t have a credit card in the UK, for example). The kicker comes when a sudden pileup of other expenses shows up at the same time. This [...]

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Before moving to a relatively northern clime, the phenomenon that was Daylight Savings Time didn’t mean much to me. When you’re close to the equator, as in Burkina Faso, or not too far north, as in California, that hour doesn’t make much of a difference, really. Maybe that’s just childhood memory, too, blurring the effects [...]

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I’m feeling restless again, for no very good reason. I want to do something. Something creative, something crafty, something expensive; I want to spend, spend, spend and have lots of brand new THINGS to play with. This feeling confuses me because, for the life of me, I can’t quite figure out where it comes from. [...]

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Bits and pieces

I’ve had posts vaguely forming themselves in my brain then hurling themselves on the floor in fragments for a few days, so nothing coherent is really coming out. The closest thing I’ve had to a persistent thought? Car lust. Actually, that’s wrong. It’s more like driving lust. I really, really, really miss driving, environmentally- and [...]

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