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Today the BBC is running a story claiming that tall people are more likely to develop cancer. Apparently, ‘[f]or every four inches (10cm) above five feet a person was, the researchers said they had a 16% increased cancer risk.’ The article is no more or less detailed than most BBC news stories on medicine – […]

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Two steps forward…

Bless my GP. She tries hard. She really does. She wants to understand HAES and wants to help me on my journey but sometimes we have these moments of complete disconnect, like after my appointment yesterday (yes, I got migraine meds and will take them if I need them). I cannot remember why I said […]

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Words: They Haz A Meening

I’ve been watching the furor over the chubby chicks post (gah, do I find tumblr annoyingly hard to follow) but the following has been building up for weeks? months? now, as various people have expressed feelings of “I’m too fat for FA!” “I’m too thin for FA!” “Why do the DEATHFATS! want their own space?!” […]

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